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The technology owner is making the offer to license the following United States, Europe and China issued patents on Smart Home device management and docking station Infrared control patents and the technology licensing of its Remote BLE's IR Fabric. This is a series of patents received by the technology owner and are available for licensing: 1.1) Remote Control Docking System and Method - US Utility Patent no. 9,892,634 B2 1.2) Remote Control Docking System and Method - US Utility Patent no.1...

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This technology is a device and method for eye movement-enabled machine interaction with wearable peripherals. It has forehead electrooculography based human computer interaction (HCI) and human machine interface (HMI) systems, comprising gel-free signal acquisition means such as dry electrode-enabled wearables. This invention is a full prototype of a graphene-clad textile embedded wearable medical garment (wristband) with front-end electronics for signal acquisition and wireless transmission. A...

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