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Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI) is an R&D institution specialized in the electronics & IT areas under the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy. Since its establishment in 1991, they have given their best efforts toward the competitiveness of small and mid-sized enterprises in Korea’s flagship industries and new industries. The existing binocular 3D images caused visual exhaustion to viewers. The solution for providing 3D images similar to the real-world is needed...

Exhibitor : Gyeonggi Technopark

There are 70 million washrooms globally: 20 percent are equipped with environmentally unfriendly, unhygienic hand-dryers that don’t properly dry hands, 80 percent offer expensive paper towels that create three million tons of waste, costing corporate landlords £10.5bn per year. In partnership with Intel® SAVORTEX has built the world's first IoT-enabled messaging hand-dryer.The adDryer™ uses just 1/3rd of theenergycompared to market leading dryers (such as Dyson) anduses...

Exhibitor : Department for International Trade (British High Commission)

Low-cost,"zero" power displays are currently non-existent in the market.Additionally, low-cost IoT-enabled sensors with displays are also non-existent. We have developed alow-cost and battery-less display, nowavailable for retail electronic shelf labels. We have also developedan asset-tracking tag technology that can incorporate a wide range of sensors. By combining these three pieces of technology (display, asset-tracking tag, and sensors), we are able to provide an IoT product like n...

Exhibitor : Lynxemi Pte Ltd

Large LED displays generally require a lot of power and huge installation work. The LED displays we developed are composed of pixels based on a hexagonal pillar inspired by nature. We have designed the light emitting structure using a few LEDs to illuminate a wide area in the more efficient way. Most of the conventional LED displays use many LEDs, metal housings, cooling fans and require a large power source or power supply cart. Our design uses recycled paper for one of the materials of the dis...

Exhibitor : Techno Network Shikoku Co., Ltd.

The "Microcontroller Based LED Matrix Display System" project is a scalable and customizable hardware and software platform for creating LED displays of different sizes and shapes for a different type of applications. By chaining multiple 32 x 32 RGB LED matrix panels together and controlling them using simple microcontroller modules, users now have a low cost and flexible platform for creating LED displays of different size and configuration. The LED display panels can operate as aut...

Exhibitor : Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Our technology features a three state optical modulation between transparent, color and mirror appearance of a given surface, primarily on glass substrates. The switching between the three states can be triggered by a small voltage application. The versatile electrochromic device allows user to enjoy outdoor view in transparent state, blocking of sunlight in colored state and reflective finish in mirror state. It can offer additional light management capability compared to the solid state electr...


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