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Conventional semiconductor technologies have nearly reached their physical limits and it is necessary to look for replacements. It is important that these new materials and principles allow for a high density of functional memory units at the lowest energy intensity of their use. One of the major candidates for new types of memory is resistive switching based on the creation of a reformable conductive pathway between electrodes separated by the ionic conductor, i.e. Electrochemical Metallization...

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Abstract UHF RFID PCB tracking solution --  includes a UHF RFID Label (with a small antenna and an RFID chip) and a booster antenna on the edge of the PCB. Technology Overview Previous RFID solutions for PCB tracking in the EMS industry are too expensive and involve the consideration of the original PCB design to employ RFID tagging. In addition, since the RFID component is added by SMT process, the tracking can only start after the first SMT step and does not capture the whole value of track...

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The common orthopedics surgeries are hip and knee replacement. After surgery, the patient should reduce their plantar pressure by using a walker or walker stick at the beginning. High plantar pressure leads to the periprosthetic and peri-implant fracture. The treatment of these fractures is often challenging because patients are older and may have thinning bones. Using the SMART alarming insole system after surgery is capable to alarm the patients by alarming sound when high plantar pressure occ...


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