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There are locations with low to moderate wind profiles that can potentially be utilised to convert wind energy to electrical energy. Most commercial turbines don't perform well under low wind velocities. However, this newly-developed wind turbine blade technology can operate at very low wind speed.  The turbine blades start moving with help from a laminar separation bubble controller. This controller allows an early transition of the flow from laminar to turbulent. It takes less wind speed to ro...

Booth C15 - Universiti Brunei Darussalam

The technology provider has developed the next generation of wind power system that exceeds current limitations. Due to global warming and exposure incidents, the challenge of renewable energy has become a global issue. Although wind power is the most environment-friendly and efficient energy source, there are many geographical and technological constraint. Unlike most of the horizontal wind power generations systems, the proposed system generates energy based on the vertical circulation of the...

Booth B21 - DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

We have developed a small wind turbine with twice the output of many comparable competitor models while also being quieter and safer.  This is achieved through the use of a diffuser and an aerodynamic cylinder that surrounds the turbine. We have developed special design algorithms that optimise both the turbine a...

Booth B37 - CSIRO

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