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Singapore produced an approximately 300 tonnes of municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI) fly ash, which is sent to the only offshore landfill every day because it contains toxic metals such as lead (Pb) and zinc (Zn). This is not sustainable because the offshore landfill is expected to run out of space in 2035. In order to convert MSWI fly ash into useful materials, the toxic heavy metals in the ash has to be removed or stabilised. The current technologies such as electrochemical, sintering a...

Exhibitor : Republic Polytechnic

In an urban city like Singapore, every resident generates about 150kg of food waste together with 30kg of disposable foodware waste every year. This accumulates to about 1 billion tonnes of waste yearly for Singapore. And much of these wastes comes from food service providers like food caterers, canteens operators and restaurants. The proposed technology is a closed-loop solution that sustainably address the end-of-life of single-use foodware such as disposable plates, bowls and cups. The techn...

Exhibitor : TRIA PTE LTD

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