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In comparison with the combustion of diesel oil, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a type of cryogenic clean fuel, which is the crucial impetus of the country economy. It is an attractive solution to use it as engine fuel for cruises, barges, inner river ships as well as some heavy trucks. Before being burned, LNG will be vaporized and superheated to ambient temperature from -162°C, releasing 860 kJ/kg of cooling capacity contained in LNG. It is rational to extract and reuse the cryogenic cooling c...

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The up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) and up-flow fixed film (UFF) in a single bioreactor is used as an integrated bioreactor in the form of UASB-FF bioreactor to produce biohydrogen from palm oil mill effluent (POME). The lab scale UASB-FF bioreactor (total volume 3.5 L, working volume 2.55 L, and liquid height 80 cm) with an external settling tank was successfully designed, fabricated and operated for liquid height 80 cm) with an external settling tank was successfully designed, fabricat...


Nanobubbles technology is currently being incorporated into massive range of applications across all industries. Some of the current and expected applications includes: Commercial – Bottle water; Carbonated water/drinks; Water conditioning units; Water for spas, baths, whirlpools, swimming pools water filtering units, Water for use in the manufacture of detergents; Agriculture/Aquaculture – Hydroponics; Aquaponic; Shrimp farming; Water for use in irrigation of vegetables, plants, trees, crop...

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The technology provider is a renewable energy company with a patented technology, providing an alternative solution for turning urban wastewater sludge into pellet as a solid recovered fuel (SRF) with an immediate and significant costs advantage. The company is looking for potential licensing and professional partners in the field of wastewater plant construction and operation.

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This technology is a renewable power generation concept that harnesses waste kinetic energy from vehicles traffic to generate cost-effective clean electricity. There is a large amount of kinetic energy lost by vehicles during deceleration and braking daily. With this technology, the clean electricity generated can be used by buildings, carparks, streetlights or even to receive rebates by contributing to the electricity grid.  It can also serve as a traffic monitoring system. The technology compr...


In order to control the air pollution derived from landfill gas emission and produce renewable energy by recovering the waste gas, a series of systematic technologies as well as equipment have been developed. These technologies and equipment are suitable for use in landfills either during operation or after closing. The developed technologies have been successfully applied in hundreds of landfill sites in China, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries.

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