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The technology provider has developed an Energy Intelligence solution that controls in real-time both existing thermal equipment (e.g. HVAC, freezers) and batteries, contributing up to 40% savings on electric bills for Commercial and Industrial buildings. The solution is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that optimizes buildings’ energy consumption expenses by:(i) capturing electricity price arbitrage opportunities,(ii) maximising self-consumption from onsite generation (e.g. Sol...

Exhibitor : BeeBryte Pte. Ltd.

The companyis an environmental technology provider to general & hazardous waste industry, food & beverage industry, horticulture,agriculture and farming industry introduces our highly advanced magnetic plasma system as an alternative green solution for handling and clean reduction of solid waste. The innovativeMagnetic Plasmasystem uses plasma technology to convert all municipal and organic waste into concentrated recyclable ion ceramic ash, that can be re-used for road and building con...

Exhibitor : Alpha Process Solutions

The present invention relates to the assembly of a passive thermal management system, namely a phase change material (PCM) heat sink, which includes a mechanism to relive the pressure within the chamber during the expansion of the phase change material. The most common method of encapsulating PCM is to fill the chamber in its expanded state, i.e. liquid state, and seal. As the PCM cools and contracts, the capsule experiences a negative pressure. Another known method is to leave void air spaces ...

Exhibitor : Temasek Polytechnic

The invention provides a cost effective injection mouldable plastic heat sink that displays excellent thermal conductivity, mechanical strength and electrical resistance in order for it to be applicable for a wide range of uses particularly as a heat sink in the growing electronic and other manufacturing industries. The heat sink is made of a common cheap polymer which is used in manufacturing industries for a variety of products and hence there is no particular requirement for new equipment or ...

Exhibitor : Republic Polytechnic

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