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In comparison with the combustion of diesel oil, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a type of cryogenic clean fuel, which is the crucial impetus of the country economy. It is an attractive solution to use it as engine fuel for cruises, barges, inner river ships as well as some heavy trucks. Before being burned, LNG will be vaporized and superheated to ambient temperature from -162°C, releasing 860 kJ/kg of cooling capacity contained in LNG. It is rational to extract and reuse the cryogenic cooling c...

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The technology described herein is related to a performance monitoring and predictive mainenance system particularly for gas turbines in combine cycle power plants. The technology consists of several modules including condition monitoring, diagnostics, optimal compressor wash, maintenance interval prediction, performance analysis and maintenance economics analysis. The system also enables assessing the performance of gas turbines remotely using a mobile device. This technology has been trialed i...

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This technology features a compact design Solar Water Heater (SWH) which utilises attached Stationary Thermal Battery. The system leverages on the advantage of Phase Change Materials (PCMs). It is able to produce instant hot water for domestic and industrial applications in both day and night time, with higher gain of solar energy as compared to conventional systems.


The invention liberates users of heaters from the constraints of fixed shapes and sizes predetermined by the flexible heater manufacturers. Our technology, in the form of an electrical device, is an integration of composite material science and electrical engineering which enables product designers and engineers to unleash their creativity and reduce wastage when incorporating our heaters into their products or systems.

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Economic storage of energy is now the largest issue facing the renewable energy industry. Batteries are excellent for minute to hour level storage, but lack the capacity for base load power. MGA Thermal offers a novel thermal storage material with previously un-achieved energy density and thermal conductivity, for a fraction the cost of batteries. This can be applied at scales large enough to provide base load power aro...

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