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PlugIt isthe leading provider ofelectrical vehicle (EV) mobility solutions for B2C & B2B. EV mobility solutions are fragmented and complex, we make it simple for the EV manufacturer and the operator of the mobility solution by customising the HW, SW and services for your need.With our fully remotely managed IOT cloud based Charging as a Service(CaaS) platform, we focus on tailored use cases for operators such asretail malls owners, hotel owners, commercial real estate owners, parking operato...

Exhibitor : Embassy of Finland, Singapore

The technology provider has developed an Energy Intelligence solution that controls in real-time both existing thermal equipment (e.g. HVAC, freezers) and batteries, contributing up to 40% savings on electric bills for Commercial and Industrial buildings. The solution is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that optimizes buildings’ energy consumption expenses by:(i) capturing electricity price arbitrage opportunities,(ii) maximising self-consumption from onsite generation (e.g. Sol...

Exhibitor : BeeBryte Pte. Ltd.

Hot and humid air is the norm in Singapore and often the best way to beat the heat is to head inside to take advantage of the aircon. With more and more venues offering outside dining and activities, it would be a greatrelief to consumers to be able to stay outside while enjoying a cooling environment.Aninnovative technology named the'Air Management Suite' was developed tocreate a cool, dry and clean air in outdoor spaces while using up to half the energy of the current leading systems. ...

Exhibitor : NUS Enterprise

With the rise of new threats to cargo security, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to deploy electronic cargo tracking solution in their logistics operations. This technology is an integrated trip based security portal that combines the use of GPS, satellite, RFID and NB IoT to improve efficiency and security. Users of this solution will be able to track their cargo electronically alongside additional features necessary to their operations, for instance, the tracking of light, t...

Exhibitor : Ascent Solutions Pte Ltd

Our Intelligent Monitoring and Data Collection (IMDC) solution is a visualisation and real-time analytics system that will enable Facilities Management (FM) Vendors to gather a large amount of meter readings into the system. The analytic results will be used to improve the response time to spikes in utilisation, as well as to rectify any problems discovered. Better, faster information collection and analysis are the foundations of our solution. With our Intelligent Monitoring and Data Collectio...

Exhibitor : Institute of Technical Education (ITE), Singapore

We have developed a hardware cum software IoT platform that will make it easier and cheaperto collect data or send alerts/messages from standard machines, instruments, sensors and meters installed in remote places - over low power wide area wireless networks (LPWAN) such as Sigfox, LoRa &NB-IoT. Our first products arenovel plug & play communication modems that will enable existing industry-standard sensors, instruments, meters and machines to get instantly plugged into the low-cost glob...


Clock synchronization and time keeping are crucial in distributed applications like smart city sensor networks, manufacturing systems, data centres, etc. The various distributed elements like the sensors and actuators within the system should have tight clock synchronization to make sense of the collected data and provide timely controls. State of the art techniques include using GPS receivers and network based protocols like Network Time Protocol (NTP) and Precision Time Protocol (PTP). However...

Exhibitor : Advanced Digital Sciences Center

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