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The technology provider is a renewable energy company with a patented technology, providing an alternative solution for turning urban wastewater sludge into pellet as a solid recovered fuel (SRF) with an immediate and significant costs advantage. The company is looking for potential licensing and professional partners in the field of wastewater plant construction and operation.

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We consume around 185 million metric tonnes of plant, or vegetable, oil each year. There are practically unlimited market opportunities with this feedstock already used widely in human food and animal feed, industrial oleochemicals (plastics, lubricants etc), and biofuels. Future growth is primarily limited by production constraints such as land use and water and cost of goods: we need a highly productive, cheap source of plant oil that can readily expand. The technology provider utilises its p...

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Biodiesel fuel (BDF) has been widely produced from palm oil in Asia, soy bean oil in the USA, canola and sunflower oil in EU. However, some scientists warned that the utilization of BDF produced from these otherwise edible oils are not effective, especially in terms of fighting against climate change. What are the suitable raw materials for BDF? In Asian countries, inedible natural resources such as ...

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Widex Energy Cell brings fuel cell technology into a tiny format that fits discretely into consumer and medical electronics. It can recharge in seconds and run off-the-grid for years, as it does not require a power outlet. The Widex Energy Cell-powered hearing aid is the first-ever medical device to use fuel cell technology. It also houses the smallest fuel cell in the world. Widex Energy Cell opens up to a world of new applications for companies that want to exploit the benefits of fuel cells...

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