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Summers are getting hotter & drier and winters are getting severe & prolonged due to Global Warming. Space cooling and heating have become energy intensive due to imprecise control over the airflow (cold and warm) in the volume being conditioned. Traditional ceiling mounted or free standing fans do not provide the cross flow necessary for effective cooling in the tropics as the hot air trapped under the ceiling is disturbed raising the average room temperature (Image 1). In air-conditioned space...

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The technology described herein is related to the development of air terminal units typically used in air distribution systems for regulating conditioned air within a commercial building. The technology provider has developed know-how in air terminal units design described below and is seeking for industry partners for technology commercialisation:  Passive Thermosiphon Beam (PTB): The PTB is designed to be mounted above a fall duct near the ceiling. Chilled water flows through the heat exchang...

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