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Data analytics platform that combines information from different technological modules such as geo-referenced scouting and spraying apps, soil sensors, and weather stations. Once the information is processed and analysed, it’s delivered back to the farmers via email, SMS, and access through our business intelligence platform. This information is used to plan biological controls, analyse and program the spraying of a particular product, monitor the incidence of pests and diseases, and automating ...

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The technology is based on the use of a proprietary process that cultivates and processes strains of a fast-growing marine microalga, Nannochloropsis salina, at industrial scale to produce live algae, dried algal biomass, functional lipids (omega-3 and omega-7 fatty acids), and high protein ingredients, can be used in varies areas.The company focuses on the sustainable development, production, and commercialization of specialty ingredients derived from natural micro-algae. The company has develo...

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