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Though air is invisible, we feel air in almost anywhere on this planet. That is why we are so conscious about air in dairy life. The device which applies this technology has ability to decompose odor constituent in air by photocatalysis reaction, and exhaust clean air. Although scale of this device is notbig, it has outstanding output power. The technology has minimaloperation and maintenance issues. The technology has already been deployed and validatedin various facilities such as one of the ...

Exhibitor : IP Bridge, Inc.

The company was established in 1995 and has developed and produced various automatic control systems. The company providesenergy-saving solutions to improve the energy efficiency of electronic appliances. Powering down appliances when not in use could potentially reduce at least 10% of the energy bill. The system can be applied to conventional electronic devices as well as smart connected devices to eliminate wastage of electricity,even when devices are in Standby mode. This technology is capa...

Exhibitor : Gyeonggi Technopark

This innovative technology is the solution of choice for applications where real time, continuous monitoring of the overall stability of the water quality is crucial. Common online sensors were developed to monitor process parameters, and are insensitive to many types of chemicals that can contaminate the water. Using such sensors for event monitoring gives a false sense of security. This sensor platform is specifically designed to detect any type of chemical contamination in the water at the ea...

Exhibitor : Optiqua Technologies

We have developed a hardware cum software IoT platform that will make it easier and cheaperto collect data or send alerts/messages from standard machines, instruments, sensors and meters installed in remote places - over low power wide area wireless networks (LPWAN) such as Sigfox, LoRa &NB-IoT. Our first products arenovel plug & play communication modems that will enable existing industry-standard sensors, instruments, meters and machines to get instantly plugged into the low-cost glob...


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