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Our company has achieved domestic sales of 11 million won. The product development was completed this year in 2018, and contract with the Marine Police Agency obtained the first product sales result. The company have exhibited at the 2017 weather climate exhibition and will participate in the world's largest weather fair this year in the Netherlands to advance overseas. The company is carrying out the 2017 incubation technology development project, which is the national research and development ...

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Data analytics platform that combines information from different technological modules such as geo-referenced scouting and spraying apps, soil sensors, and weather stations. Once the information is processed and analysed, it’s delivered back to the farmers via email, SMS, and access through our business intelligence platform. This information is used to plan biological controls, analyse and program the spraying of a particular product, monitor the incidence of pests and diseases, and automating ...

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Black Périgord Truffle's Mating & Fruiting matrix are notoriously elusive to replicate in the lab. There has been no successful alternative truffle cultivation method other than the current tedious and resource consuming commercial farms, plant saplings are inoculated with truffle meiospores and planted over hectares of land. This take at least 7 years and the final result is not guaranteed. The company has pioneered a revolutionary indoor Truffle Vertical Farm (TVF) process that cultivates Tru...

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UnaSensors is a brand new sensor-as-a-service offering that can kickstart anyone’s IoT journey at a maximum retail price of USD 5 per month, including hardware, software and connectivity. UnaSensors features five sensors: UnaSense: a temperature and humidity sensor, UnaMotion: a human passive infra-red (PIR) detector, UnaProtect: a magnetic sensor that detects opening and closing of assets, UnaBeacon: an asset locating tracker, UnaBell: a smarter button with brand new features. The fi...

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