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The current smart windows based on polymer dispersed liquid-crystal (PDLC) and electrochromes are still not cheap enough for household applications. A flat glass is clear while a frosted glass with microrough surface appears translucent by light scattering. Motivated by this optical surface scatterer, we developed an active smart window based on a soft capacitor with voltage-tunable surface roughness. This active smart window switches between clear and frosted (from 80 to 1% in-line transmittanc...

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The technology described herein is related to the development of a transparent film which can be attached to windows to enable changing of the tint, colour and temperature characterisitics of windows instantly. This technology transforms windows by enabling people to control the natural light and infrared radiation entering buildings. Controlling natural light reduces glare and sets the right lighting level for comfort. Controlling infrared and light lowers energy consumption for heating, coolin...

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Solution processed perovskite is a new-generation thin film technology with solution inks for photovoltaics (PV) and light emitting diode (LED), suitable for application using printing and coating techniques. The world record efficiency of PV lies between silicon solar cell (first generation PV, 26.7%) and thin film solar cell (second generation, ~22%). The luminescent properties, i.e. colour tunability and external quantum efficiency (EQE), of perovskite-based LED are comparable to those of OLE...

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High wettability and photocatalytic effect are crucial elements for achieving self-cleaning surfaces. Self-cleaning surfaces minimize the need for labour intensive and costly cleaning and maintenance services. However, commercially available self-cleaning solutions are typically in the form of coatings that wear off with time and require re-application, which is costly and time consuming. In view of the limitation of current commercially available self-cleaning coatings, a polymeric resin additi...

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