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The sensonic control solution is a breakthrough in the freedom of layout design in space, building control, and audio technology. It is not a traditional building automation and audio system, as is any direct switch or button-based one. The system can be controlled by voice, touch or even movement-based gestures, just like a phone. The system is modular in features, and can range from an audio system to a full-fledged building automation, all hidden to the eye behind custom wall designs. It can ...

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This technology combines noise and vibration technology, state-of-the-art materials and smart electronic devices. The effect of noise cancelling or vibration damping is achieved through an electronically coupled piezoelectric material, which dissipates the vibration energy of a structure. This is an alternative technique where the performance of passive absorbing materials can no longer cope with an increasing system complexity. It is a simple yet effective and promising technique to cancel unwa...

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Azendian Solutions is a Singapore based Data and Analytics consultancy, provides Information Management and Analytics support to our clients. Our seasoned practitioners bring established tried and trusted models developed through years of practical hands-on implementation and successful project delivery of Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence & Analytics systems. We apply an optimum mix of descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive methods to drive business value, cost efficiencies a...

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