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Summers are getting hotter & drier and winters are getting severe & prolonged due to Global Warming. Space cooling and heating have become energy intensive due to imprecise control over the airflow (cold and warm) in the volume being conditioned. Traditional ceiling mounted or free standing fans do not provide the cross flow necessary for effective cooling in the tropics as the hot air trapped under the ceiling is disturbed raising the average room temperature (Image 1). In air-conditioned space...

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Lighting in explosive atmospheres is one of the most highly regulated industrial globally. Barrier EX have the only Zone 1,21,2,22 - Class 1 Div. 2 floodlight available that has fully encapsulated LEDs and the ability for customer changeable output angles. It is our belief that the only way to be100% compliant to EX mb regulations is to fully encapsulate all electronic components including the LED light source. Until now no certified luminaire has been able to achieve this whilst offering flexib...

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Current exit and emergency lights in the market are intended to provide safe passage out of a building in the event of power failure. These devices rely on the built-in backup battery in the lights to power the lights in times of power outage; however, there currently is no available solution for an easy way to check the batteries to ensure that the backup battery is functional and as such the building owner runs a risk of failure of the lights to function during emergency times. Our solution ...

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Streetlight system is important for people living in the city. It provides light during night time for safe movement of people and vehicle. In Vietnam, electric shock from the streetlight system is an on-going safety concern. And the main reason of accident is the method of connecting the handhole to the streetlight pole. This product supply a full method and solution to improve the safety of the streetlight system by changing the connection method and device at the hand hole. The innovation i...

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