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Data analytics platform that combines information from different technological modules such as geo-referenced scouting and spraying apps, soil sensors, and weather stations. Once the information is processed and analysed, it’s delivered back to the farmers via email, SMS, and access through our business intelligence platform. This information is used to plan biological controls, analyse and program the spraying of a particular product, monitor the incidence of pests and diseases, and automating ...

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Black Périgord Truffle's Mating & Fruiting matrix are notoriously elusive to replicate in the lab. There has been no successful alternative truffle cultivation method other than the current tedious and resource consuming commercial farms, plant saplings are inoculated with truffle meiospores and planted over hectares of land. This take at least 7 years and the final result is not guaranteed. The company has pioneered a revolutionary indoor Truffle Vertical Farm (TVF) process that cultivates Tru...

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Controlled Release Technology is a technique for encapsulating active ingredients and, upon meeting certain environmental stimuli, releasing them into the environment. Additionally, this is done at pre-designed intervals and time periods and without the use of machinery or equipment. The entire process relies entirely on principles of materials science. While this technology is widespread in the pharmaceutical arena, Hydroemission has adapted it to meet unique requirements in the environmental ...

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Extremely high performance, small and scalable, the PP IoT Edge platform enables companies to synchronize, configure, interconnect, manage state and deploy of IoT systems with existing control/management systems on a single hardware. PP Edge is the only IoT hardware platform that delivers this capability. Not just an interface, nor a gateway, nor a piece of SDK, is the whole platform from the edge to the cloud.

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Our society is now becoming increasingly automated where autonomous machines, artificial intelligence, and robots will perform complex tasks. For this vision to be realized, machines must have cognitive abilities including basic five sense of human, e.g., sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. However, most development of machine perception thus far has not included the sense of smell. Our team aims to develop machine olfaction technology which mimics the human’s sense of smell to give m...

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The quality, robustness and usability of the developed air purification The air purifier is designed for air purification with superior cleaning capacity up to 500 m3 of ultrapure air in an hour - removing airborne impurities of all sizes, down to nanometer size. It is the right choice for places where air needs to be decontaminated from microbes, nanosized particles and gases efficiently: hospital isolation rooms, protective patient rooms, laboratories and other critical areas. The technology ...

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