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Using a proprietary matrix encapsulation technique, active ingredients are incorporated into a matrix made from a biodegradable polymer. Pesticides, biocides, corrosion inhibitors, enzymes, and bacteria are just some of the examples of the kinds of actives that can be encapsulated. Then the polymer is formed into tablets of various shapes and sizes. Each tablet can deliver its active ingredients into the environment over a predetermined time frame, with precisely controlled dosages to ensure the...

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This technology encapsulates a high level of volatile actives and then continuously releases them in controlled dosages. The gel matrix is enclosed by a protective foil which is further packaged in a vapor-permeable membrane, to create the ready-to-use and easy to apply the product. Upon activation, the volatile actives are delivered for a nonstop ambient treatment effect. Using this advanced but simple system, actives such as fragrances, essential oils, odour-neutralizing agents, and even insec...

Booth 5F07 - Hydroemission Corporation Pte Ltd

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