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Controlled Release Technology is a technique for encapsulating active ingredients and, upon meeting certain environmental stimuli, releasing them into the environment. Additionally, this is done at pre-designed intervals and time periods and without the use of machinery or equipment. The entire process relies entirely on principles of materials science. While this technology is widespread in the pharmaceutical arena, Hydroemission has adapted it to meet unique requirements in the environmental ...

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Nanobubbles technology is currently being incorporated into massive range of applications across all industries. Some of the current and expected applications includes: Commercial – Bottle water; Carbonated water/drinks; Water conditioning units; Water for spas, baths, whirlpools, swimming pools water filtering units, Water for use in the manufacture of detergents; Agriculture/Aquaculture – Hydroponics; Aquaponic; Shrimp farming; Water for use in irrigation of vegetables, plants, trees, crop...

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