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Most treatment processes in environmental applications involves administering a high dose of actives at a given time only to have to repeat that dose days or weeks later. This is not economical and sometimes result in damaging side effects such as inconsistent treatment, environmental pollution and resistance development of the target organisms. These controlled release delivery systems are highly flexible. They can be designed to release actives with specified parameters, such as dosage, dosag...

Exhibitor : Hydroemission Corporation Pte Ltd

This patented technology, first of its’ kind, is a revolutionary approach to eliminating scale, preventing corrosion and bio-fouling in cooling water systems. Through proprietary electrochemistry, anti-bacteria technology and software control, it removes water hardness, silica and control bacteria growth in cooling systems without the need for hazardous chemicals. This innovation provides a green technology solution by improving energy efficiency in your chiller system that will result in ...


NextanSmart Tracker and Sensor Network adopt low power IoT technology. Low-power Wide-area Network (LPWAN) solution has the advantages of low power, and long range. It is ideal for the implementation of battery powered, low-cost sensor network. NextanSmart tracker integrates LoRaWAN, BLE and GPS technologies. It is one the few products in the world provide both indoor and outdoor tracking using both BLE and GPS technologies. With our intelligent power managementtechnology, the tracker is able ...

Exhibitor : Nextan Pte Ltd

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