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Diabetic foot is one of the major complications experienced by diabetic patients. Thus, early detection and appropriate treatment can prevent traumatic outcomes such as lower limb amputation. The temperature variations on the plantar foot can be related to diabetic foot complications. Infrared thermography allows qualitative and visual documentation of temperature fluctuation in vascular tissues. This work introduces a computer aided detection (CAD) system for diabetic foot using plantar foot th...

Exhibitor : LUX Photonics Consortium

The prevalence of diabetes is high, projected to affect 629 million people worldwide by 2045. This is a condition where health anomaly results in an unusually high level of glucose in the blood. Tracking blood glucose level often involves collecting a blood sample, typically by pricking the fingers, transferring them onto a test strip then analyzed by a blood glucose meter. Some diabetics patients have to take multiple readings a day, before meals and 90 minutes after meals. Such invasive blood...

Exhibitor : Activate Interactive Pte Ltd

People who suffer from hearing problemsneed to monitor their hearing in real time, collect and analyze the acquired data and ensureinstant access tothe ENT specialist withthis information. Early identification of hearing impairment is not only required in children, but also in adults, particularly for the elderly. Although it is not possible to restore ailing hearing sensitivity, intervention by way of a variety of hearing aids is possible. It is therefore important to ensure that any loss in a...

Exhibitor : University of Pardubice

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide, but since there are no obvious symptoms at the initial stage of the disease, patients' eyesight is often irreversibly damaged when they become aware. There is a need for effective control of glaucoma eye damage to provide early detection and timely treatment. The company set out to tackle the problems of a lack of long-term monitoring of patients, low public awareness and screening rate of the disease. The team has designed and devel...

Exhibitor : The Chinese University of Hong Kong