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The conventional methods for cultivating stem cells typically require the use of animals and biochemical growth factors. These methods are costly and the stem cells produced are often cancerous. The technology isa method for growing stem cells without the need of animals or biochemical factors. The device, called inorganic sculptured extracellular nanomatrices (iSECnMs), uses nanoscopic structures on its surfaces to stimulate cell growth. The material is biocompatible and low-cost, so the device...

Exhibitor : Hong Kong Baptist University (Knowledge Transfer Office)

People who suffer from hearing problemsneed to monitor their hearing in real time, collect and analyze the acquired data and ensureinstant access tothe ENT specialist withthis information. Early identification of hearing impairment is not only required in children, but also in adults, particularly for the elderly. Although it is not possible to restore ailing hearing sensitivity, intervention by way of a variety of hearing aids is possible. It is therefore important to ensure that any loss in a...

Exhibitor : University of Pardubice