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The technology offers food establishments customized formulation that will enable them to scale up their food production. Micro-ingredients such as enzymes are used in the formulation to ensure food produced are consistent in terms of quality and characteristics, a critical factor for products produced in multiple locations with varying environmental conditions. This technology also enables food establishments to protect their recipe formulation from being replicated, thus allowing safe distribu...

Exhibitor : CerealTech Pte Ltd

Glycemic Index Lowering Composition (GLC), is an advanced food additive technology, customized to product needs. Available asrice-grain shapes and food powder, it can be added easily to refined foods to lower their glycemic index without changing the taste, appearance, texture and smell of the product. The glycemic reduction is dosage dependent. For instance, just a 9% replacement of rice with GLCricegrains reduces the glycemic index (GI) of Jasmine Rice from 109 (high GI) to 68 (medium GI). The...

Exhibitor : Alchemy Foodtech Pte Ltd

Sources of protein from tradition meat sources such as poultry, cattle, and sheep arebecoming more costly and unsustainable to meet future global demands. In addition, a regular diet of meat has found to increase the risk of catching certain diseases. To encourage consumers to turn towards a healthier and more sustainable option, the technology offers a plant-based protein as a meat alternative. It utilizes a proprietary process which involves formulating and texturizing legumes and vegetables t...

Exhibitor : LIFE3 BIOTECH

This innovative healthier ice cream formulation contains 6% fat that is almost half the fat content compared to a regular ice cream. Using only pure vegetable oil instead of blended vegetable oils that are used in many commercial brand ice creams, the product is free of both trans-fats and cholesterol. With its unique formulation, the product is able to maintain a well-acceptable mouthfeel, overall texture and stability, and still be categorised as an ice cream product. With this the product ca...

Exhibitor : Temasek Polytechnic

A novel type of β-glucan of Ophiocordyceps dipterigena BCC 2073 has a size of 590-750 kDa which is 20 times bigger than yeast’s β-glucan. Its structure composes of a (1, 3)-β -D-glucan backbone, substituted at 0-6 with side chains of (1, 3)-β-D-pyranosyl unit. It is biocompatible, non-cytotoxic and a strong inducer of interleukin-8 (IL-8), a cytokine responsible for enhancing wound-healing process. Because of itsstructure and physical properties, it is possible for preb...

Exhibitor : Ministry of Science and Technology, Thailand

The smart label is a low-cost solution for monitoringtemperature environments on individual packages, cartons, and palletsbeing stored andtransported in the cold chain. Markers on the smart label are irreversibly changed when extended temperature abuse has taken place, so that manufacturers, distributors and retailers are able to audit and properly secure their cold chains, leading to reduced product damage and improved product quality.

Exhibitor : VoyagerVenture Pte Ltd

These fruit and vegetable juice drinks are new line of healthy beverages formulated via the processes of juice extraction, nutrient supplementation, heat pasteurization, and aseptic packaging. Both the product formulation and process can be repeated in larger production volumes to meet the growing demand for healthy juice drinks. To enhance nutrient quality, these juice drinks were fortified with both vitamin A and vitamin C according to the recommended nutrient values for the maintenance of he...

Exhibitor : University of the Philippines

This is a sustainable & efficient extraction core technology that supports column-less extraction method and zero-waste processing method. The column-less extraction method is aliquid-to-liquid, non-ethanol base methodology that optimises yield of bioactive from botanicals. Thistechnology thatallows for a continuous cyclical production of bioactive extracts has been validated at one-tonne production scale. It has demonstrated benefits of higher bioactive purity, shorter production cycle and...

Exhibitor : Kosmode Health Singapore

Cordyceps militaris, known as Dong-Chong-Xia-Cao, is a fungus that naturally grows on certain caterpillar in high land of Himalayan Plateau. It is widely used as functional food and traditional medicine in China and South Asia as it contains hundreds of bioactive substances. Contrary to Ophiocordyceps sinensis and other Cordyceps, C. militaris can be cultured artificially and reproducibly in the laboratory. However, as caterpillar fungus, the composition of culture media always contain worms or ...


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