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We use Big Data and AI to improve restaurant procurement and food cost. To achieve this, we develop a food service ecosystem to consolidate orders to achieve bulk purchase advantage directly from suppliers and also allowing for smart automatic reordering through AI. We started from Malaysia and now has expanded to Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and Cambodia. Our customer range from single outlet restaurant to restaurant chains, cloud kitchen, hotels, central kitchen, F&B fact...

Booth 5ZG1 - Food Market Hub

Through a proprietary matrix encapsulation technique, active ingredients are incorporated into a polymer matrix. Then the matrix is machined into microparticles that contain high concentrations of the encapsulated actives. These microparticles can be incorporated into a secondary carrier matrix such as water, oil, hydrogel, polymer, or paint. In that way, they impart the special active ingredient controlled release properties to the secondary carrier matrix. Fragrances, essential oils, vitamins,...

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Hot water extract of Lablab beans Lablab bean (Dolichos lablab Linne) which could be used for various purposes such as food, medicinal purpose, animal forage, and gardening comes from Korea, China, Myanmar, India and etc. For medicinal use, it has been used for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases including diarrhea, weak stomach, especially indigestion and pain, poisoning, fever, and hangover. In China, lablab bean is also known as a powerful detoxifying agent to treat indigestion, ...

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In Singapore, at least 30 tonnes of okara are generated daily and discarded as food waste or recycled as an animal feed. Despite its richness in nutrients, the reuse of okara as human food is limited due to the high amount of indigestible fibre and low palatability. The team has developed a cost-effective enzymatic and fermentation techniques to transform okara as a functional ingredient for applying into food innovations.

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Farms are susceptible to disease outbreak with limited control measures other than containment, culling and decontamination.  The threat of disease for and its effect on farming operations and the industry is ever-present with outbreaks leading to the devastation of livelihoods and economic losses into the billions of dollars. We were focusing on using precision breeding technologies for disease resilience, growth and novel production traits such as reduced allergenicity or specific protein expr...

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This textured beverage comprises of herbs water extract which has ability to form pourable gel when the ingredients from the twisted cap meet the extract in the bottle. The beverage is formulated with functional natural ingredients which are rich in antioxidant, vitamins, minerals and soluble fibres. The texture developed is drinkable, fun and suitable for the children and young adults and the theme is aligned with the current Asian market trend.

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