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Quotanda provides a suite of white label student loan and tuition management services. The Company’s technology and staff take care of all aspects of partners’ online financing programs, including origination, automated credit decisions, extended loan servicing (with customized portals for schools, borrowers and lenders), and default management. Banks get access to millennial clients with low customer acquisition costs, high lifetime values and without having to build-out the adminis...

Exhibitor : Quotanda

Institutions are experimenting and investors have poured millions of dollars into Blockchain related firms. However, organizations in Asia lack the lab-like environment to experiment with the technology in a low risk, safe-to-fail setting. We are an enterprise Blockchain Platform-as-a-Service and App Marketplace that enables organisations rapidly design, deploy and operate distributed ledgers. It helps enterprises set up and have their own Blockchain Innovation Lab - with the necessary infrastru...

Exhibitor : Blockchain Foundry

Taigeris agloballeaderin Artificial Intelligence (AI), specialising in transforming completely unstructured information to valuable knowledge. Our cutting-edge technology solutions apply far beyond just Machine Learning, allowing us to contextualise information more accurately – without requiring a large amount of data to ‘learn’. Having a highly technical team comprising of 8 PhD holders (including our CEO and founder, Dr. Sinuhe Arroyo), we possess deep expertise in AI and ar...

Exhibitor : Taiger Singapore Pte Ltd

Electronic ethereum address, which is now a very complex number, is difficult to use by ordinary users and is not safe from hacking. Instead of a complex electronic address, we have developed a technology that makes it easy to send money via chat. In addition, we have developed a technology that allows users to safely and conveniently store and remotely send and receive remittances by providing hacking prevention for mobile device, prevention of hacking of private keys, and secure backup functio...

Exhibitor : National IT Industry Promotion Agency

Our "software robots" help to make various I.T. applications talk to one another without requiring complicated back-end codes or APIs. Integration projects that typically would take 3-6 months can be done within a few days using our technology.Our robots automate data movement and processing of transactions by mimickingkeyboard strokes and mouse clicks to communicate with multiple I.T. applications, including legacy ones. Our solution will be useful for organisationsthat currently hav...

Exhibitor : Glee Trees Pte Ltd

SMU Teaching Bank is amultiyear programme entitled “SMU Teaching Bankfor Financial Services TOPS Education”, referred to as“SMU Teaching Bank“ or “SMU tBank”. The objectiveof SMU Teaching Bank is to become a worldclass ‘teaching bank’, generating an on-going supply ofundergrad and postgrad student projects whereby classroomlearning outcomes can be put into practice, leveragingindustry leading banking software and enterprise platforms.

Exhibitor : Singapore Management University, School of Information Systems

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