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Our platform is a legal risk management platform that gives you knowledge from your legal data. We extract contractual obligations and risks, monitor relevant regulatory and legislative change and trigger alerts when action is required, saving thousands of hours from professionals and minimizing unpleasant surprises. The future of reading corporate documents in a solution.

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Biometric verification is the verification of a person’s identity through one of his/her biometric data (e.g. biometric signature, fingerprint). Signature verification technologies are used in online banking, bank cheque clearing (offline or image signatures), and credit card purchases (online or biometric signatures) worldwide. For services in application areas where signature verification is extremely important, such as banking transactions, an innovative 'biometric signature verification sys...


We take quality blockchain and cybersecurity research from the National University of Singapore to develop solutions to critical business problems. We spun out our public blockchain protocol, which implements sharding and its own programming language, to achieve high throughput and more secure smart contracts. We also used Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) to reduce the attack surface of applications, and have created a full crypto-custody solution. We also have a private blockchain solution...

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Submitting improper trade documentation to banks is one of the principal reasons why many exporters experience significant delays in receiving payments for their exports. This, in turn, leads to exporters facing additional and unnecessary costs/risks that can impact their profit margins. The lack of experience and human errors are the major contributing factors to poorly prepared trade documents. Envisioning a solution to this problem, we developed an automated document-preparation system that h...

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