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Our Location Tracking solution enables companies in manufacturing, logistics and healthcare to streamline their operations and increase their product quality through Reduce searching and assembly time by locating tools with 30cm accuracy Improved visibility on work order status and location to identify bottlenecks in real-time and avoid delays Streamline intralogistics flow by optimising material handling equipment's motion and increasing their utilization rates. For example, we help hosp...

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Semantic Depth Prediction System (SDPS) is a vision-based navigation solution that relies on a monocular camera to recreate a 3D scene by fusing object detection, semantic segmentation and depth estimation for the purpose of indoor navigation in GPS denied environments. This eliminates the need for expensive and weighty sensors such as LIDARS which are commonly used in most indoor autonomous drones and Autonomous Ground Vehicles (AGV). By using a monocular camera, this solution will allow indoor...

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