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In today’s world of Distributed Ledger technology, consensus is achieved within the limitations of data size, consensus speed and network security, known as the blockchain trilemma. Quantum technologies can enhance all these three properties simultaneously using the quantum phenomena of superposition and entanglement. Here, we demonstrate a leaderless quantum consensus alogrithm using quantum simulators and real quantum computers for a simple consensus scenario. Any IT solution that requires co...

Exhibitor : Singapore Management University

Credit rating for SMEs is always a challenge compared to large companies that are well analysed. Big data for SMEs is increasingly available and can help to improve the accuracy of the liklihood of a company defaulting. Current classical machine learning models have improved accuracy over typical Altman Z-scores but are expected to become limited as data sizes increase and faster ratings are expected. We show how Quantum Machine Learning (QML) models, similar to classical models but use quantum...

Exhibitor : Singapore Management University
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