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Active and multifunctional packaging materials are in a higherdemand due to rising trend for food safety and longer shelf life. Such packaging materials need to prolong the shelf life of the food without interfering withexisting food processes. It must incorporate anti-bacterial agentsto inhibit the growth of bacteria, which is one of the key determinant factors of food shelf life.This technology presents the use of the polymeric films comprising of halloysite nanotubes as a packaging material f...

Exhibitor : Sabanci University

The lack of manpower is an ongoing struggle in the F&B industry, where many repetitive tasks are still done manually. One such laborious task is packing food products into containers or preformed bags for distribution, OEM or self-use.The Automatic Preformed Bag Fill & Seal machine reduces the need for extensive manpower by automating the packing process for liquid, paste, cream or oil products. The machine is capable of retrievingthe bag from adispenser, open it at the non-seal side, fi...

Exhibitor : Kong Shiang Engineering

The transparent super gas barrier film is an outcome of nanotechnology, precision coating and film forming technologies fostered over the years by FUJIFILM in the photographic film development. The super gas barrier film has an organic / inorganic multilayer structure that prevents infiltration of gases (e.g. O2) and water. It has a high water vapour barrier performance of 10-6 g/m2 which is almost equivalent to that of glass. It is therefore perfect for the prevention of degradation of organicm...

Exhibitor : FUJIFILM Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Automatingpackaging processes for irregular products such as potatoes, dried mushrooms, and rock sugar are a challenge due to its irregularity in shape, size, and weight. These irregularities also possessa challenge for automated solutions to obtainthe required weight for each package. Coupled with the strict regulatory weight variance control, manufacturers have to relyon manual packing of irregular goods to ensure that their goods are within the acceptable weight variance. The technology offer...

Exhibitor : Institute of Technical Education (ITE), Singapore

In an urban city like Singapore, every resident generates about 150kg of food waste together with 30kg of disposable foodware waste every year. This accumulates to about 1 billion tonnes of waste yearly for Singapore. And much of these wastes comes from food service providers like food caterers, canteens operators and restaurants. The proposed technology is a closed-loop solution that sustainably address the end-of-life of single-use foodware such as disposable plates, bowls and cups. The techn...

Exhibitor : TRIA PTE LTD

The smart label is a low-cost solution for monitoringtemperature environments on individual packages, cartons, and palletsbeing stored andtransported in the cold chain. Markers on the smart label are irreversibly changed when extended temperature abuse has taken place, so that manufacturers, distributors and retailers are able to audit and properly secure their cold chains, leading to reduced product damage and improved product quality.

Exhibitor : VoyagerVenture Pte Ltd

Anti-counterfeiting technology is an indispensable asset in times of widespread circulation of counterfeit and pirated goods in the global market. It provides companies and consumers with a means of product identification and authentication. The anti-counterfeiting technology offers product authentication via encrypted identification tagging form factors. One of the identification form factors to be showcased will be the NFC (Near-field communication) tag, a consumer-verifiable technology to de...

Exhibitor : i-Sprint Innovations Pte Ltd

Cordyceps militaris, known as Dong-Chong-Xia-Cao, is a fungus that naturally grows on certain caterpillar in high land of Himalayan Plateau. It is widely used as functional food and traditional medicine in China and South Asia as it contains hundreds of bioactive substances. Contrary to Ophiocordyceps sinensis and other Cordyceps, C. militaris can be cultured artificially and reproducibly in the laboratory. However, as caterpillar fungus, the composition of culture media always contain worms or ...


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