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Contrary to conventional food packaging that is inert to the food; active food packaging has the ability to act against the contaminants and to remove them. Active and multifunctional packaging materials are facing increasing demand because of the changing trend of the customer needs such as safety and long shelf life of the food material without however interfering with processed materials, preservatives and additives. In order to have safe active food packaging it is crucial to choose active ...

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Condensation of water vapour on food packaging films not only reduces the visibility of the packaged contents, but can also result in degradation of food quality and freshness. Modification of film properties through the use of anti-fog additives can prevent the occurrence of condensation and fogging. The additives can be incorporated into polyolefin film resins to form a masterbatch. The team has successfully produced an anti-fog masterbatch with high concentration of anti-fog agent in polyole...

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Through a proprietary matrix encapsulation technique, active ingredients are incorporated into a polymer matrix. Then the matrix is machined into microparticles that contain high concentrations of the encapsulated actives. These microparticles can be incorporated into a secondary carrier matrix such as water, oil, hydrogel, polymer, or paint. In that way, they impart the special active ingredient controlled release properties to the secondary carrier matrix. Fragrances, essential oils, vitamins,...

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The microporous polypropylene film was developed through a biaxial film stretching process using a precursor polypropylene sheet with an enriched metastable crystal form. The specific crystal structure was induced by an appropriate nucleating agent at the ppm-level. The subsequent proprietary stretching induces a change in the crystal form and forms highly connect nano-micro voids. The stretching conditions play an important role in tailoring the ultra-high gas permeable capability.

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