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Affect plays a key role in learning and to achieve enhanced learning outcome, it is crucial that the active engagement and motivation of the learner be sustained through this continuous effective feedback loop between the tutor and the learner. It is thus essential for tutoring systems to sense the affect of learners, analogous to a personal tutor that continually sense the exhibited affect and adapt the tutoring interactions to sustain the learning motivation. This is a new method or system f...

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Our Kids Intelligence Development Through Sport Fundamental Movement Skills assessment is a world’s first fully automated Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) assessment system that consists of the following: Assessor’s online portal Assessor’s FMS assessment mobile app Using Virtual Reality (VR) technology, the company assessment system is the world’s first fully automated FMS assessment system incorporating motion capture technology.

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Our mobile app is a gamified learning mobile app designed for schools, education institutes and corporate training to deliver learning content on the go. Digital, electronic and mobile technologies are fast becoming ubiquitous in Singapore’s education environment as well as adult training. It is changing the way lessons delivered to students. Flipped instruction where students access resources before class through the use of technology, allows face-to-face time with educators to be used for disc...

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There are existing transcribing/translation software programs that have limitations such as the type of platform they can run on, costly licence, inability to interpret Singlish and dialects, as well as inaccuracy in transcribing long speeches. To address the above limitations, we have built a low-cost multilingual speech-to-text (S2T) transcription and translation software that runs on common mobile devices, such as smart phones, tablets and laptop computers. The S2T transcriber/translator is ...

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Our company has been established to bridge the gap between parents’ needs and language literacy. Currently, the company is developing three language applications. For instance, the company developed the Smart App for Mastering Thai and English Language application has already licensed and launched.  Our application provides content based on linguistic research, medical research (of language disorders/ illiteracy) and live corrections. The greatest tool is making live corrections; users can spea...

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Our solution is made for modern companies that want to improve the wellbeing and performance of their employees. In our online coaching program, we are able to serve each employee personally and direct each of them to the area of life where they need the most help. In these individual coaching paths, the employee will take small incremental steps to form healthy habits and therefore long-lasting results. Each participant is supported by our team of coaches and participant community. The process...

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