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‘The Child Whisperer’ is a parenting mobile app that targets parents and caregivers of primary school-going children (aged 7-12 years old) who are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). In this game, the parent/caregiver is the player and they are presented with scenariosthatreflecttypical struggles Singaporean parents face in managing their school-going children. They will navigate these scenarios through learning and applying core behaviour management princi...

Exhibitor : National Health Innovation Centre Singapore

IntelliK Studio is a programming-free game authoring platform which equips users with the right tools to design and develop different types of games in an easy and efficient manner. The integrated visual environment allows users to seamlessly define and create different kinds of game objects, logics, interfaces, control scripts and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools through 4th generation visual programming. Futhermore, IntelliK provides an AI generator tool which helps users to quickly define a...

Exhibitor : Nanyang Technological University - NTUitive Pte Ltd

Tap on movie just to play/stop it? Why not tap on the movie to get further information of it? This technology gives you brand new movie experience which connect consumer and product/service/information with NO specialised skill. In the past, if a viewer finds anexcellent product in movie, he/she firstly need search and find the product from the huge ocean called the Internet. It takes so much time and often viewer just give up finding the product. With this technology, such difficulty will not...

Exhibitor : IP Bridge, Inc.

Cyber security threats keep increasing, and the shortage of the workforce is widespread. To respond to changing cyber threats, Industry needs skilled professionals, not just workforce. Surely, finding qualified workforce is more difficult. We commonly think the education will reduce this skills gap. But even if there are hands-on training in the traditional education, it could teach only knowledge and skills. There are limitations to the traditional training since knowing how to apply skills in...

Exhibitor : National IT Industry Promotion Agency

It is extremely difficult and expensive for students today to find relevant learning resources. Traditional search engines are unable to handle K-12 content due to equations, symbols and diagrams. Furthermore, only academically better students have the contextual knowledge to navigate the flood of information online. Miao Technology provides a universalimage-based search and analytics solution to this problem. Miao's technologyallows end-users (students and educators) to instantly access pe...

Exhibitor : Miao Academy

Currently, the number of therapists is insufficient for the number of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Some children only get to meet the therapists once in a month. We have created an education robot. It is not designed to replace human being in taking care of the children. On the contrary, it is used by caregivers, teachers, or even therapists to efficiently set up a training session for each child as much as they want. Training frequencies can be enhanced. The robot can be used ...


The company’s aim is to control any device by voice with maximum efficiency to create a more natural human interface. This is part of a broader industry trend evidenced both by existing commercial products such as Amazon’s Echo, Apple’s Siri, Google Now as well as research projects that will lead to future products, such as the company’s LEGO Mindstorms™example from the field of robotics. In a nutshell; Control any device by simple voice commands and in any languag...

Exhibitor : Department for International Trade (British High Commission)

Primary school students often face problems trying to understand new concepts that are abstract and difficult to visualize. Providing contextualised visualization of new concepts in an interactive manner helps them understand the concepts better as well as retain the knowledge for easy retrieval during examinations. An interactive method of teaching that involves active participation by the students enhances the learning experience and makes the lesson more interesting and engaging for the stude...

Exhibitor : NUS Enterprise

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