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Conventional big data analytics systems (e.g., MapReduce, Dryad, Spark) are designed to work in an offline, batch-based manner originally. All data needs to be available in advance and will be processed as a whole. However, data is often generated continuously and needs to be processed in real time, for instance, network traffic data in the telecommunication environment. The team developed a novel system for big data online distributed stream processing. It provides a high-performance, fault-to...

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Our platform is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, it is a proven processing method, integrating the complex analytics or machine learning models over the data created by your application in real time. It acts as a single point of truth for your data, any modules in your application can write, read and perform streaming analytics on it. All applications built, directly or indirectly rely on real-time data to personalize experiences, detect fraudulent behavior or build a dynamic dashboard...

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Affect plays a key role in learning and to achieve enhanced learning outcome, it is crucial that the active engagement and motivation of the learner be sustained through this continuous effective feedback loop between the tutor and the learner. It is thus essential for tutoring systems to sense the affect of learners, analogous to a personal tutor that continually sense the exhibited affect and adapt the tutoring interactions to sustain the learning motivation. This is a new method or system f...

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Our company predictive analytics is for people operating in the Human Capital Management (HCM) market. Our market-leading software platform, in conjunction with our Predictive Analytics Engine, helps companies understand and predict the current and future value of their most important and expensive asset: their people. By removing the bias and subjectivity currently present in talent assessment, the company also fulfil our mission in helping to democratize the opportunities for people and create...

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Submitting improper trade documentation to banks is one of the principal reasons why many exporters experience significant delays in receiving payments for their exports. This, in turn, leads to exporters facing additional and unnecessary costs/risks that can impact their profit margins. The lack of experience and human errors are the major contributing factors to poorly prepared trade documents. Envisioning a solution to this problem, we developed an automated document-preparation system that h...

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