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Our platform is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, it is a proven processing method, integrating the complex analytics or machine learning models over the data created by your application in real time. It acts as a single point of truth for your data, any modules in your application can write, read and perform streaming analytics on it. All applications built, directly or indirectly rely on real-time data to personalize experiences, detect fraudulent behavior or build a dynamic dashboard...

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This Conference App enables attendees at conferences and events to experience the effectiveness of multiple context-based real-time interventions and features during the event. Various features such as forums, chat, comments on events, live polling, surveys etc. makes the conference/event much more engaging as well as provides everyone with a platform to interact with other attendees without necessarily needing to disclose your personal details such as email address or phone number. A backend co...

Booth B30 - Singapore Management University, LiveLabs

Chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and asthma are getting more and more common, already every fourth kid is battling with chronic disease. These are all very different but psychological issues are almost universal regardless of the type of chronic disease. Also, psychological problems themselves can have long-term health consequences and interfere with the treatment process of underlying chronic disease. We have developed an intervention strategy aimed to buffer negative psychological ch...

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Value Proposition: Compared to still images, videos provide a more natural set of features for detecting visual relations, in which features like the dynamic interactions between objects enable visual ties like “A-follow-B” and “A towards-B” to be recognized in videos. Visual relation detection is a recent effort in offering a more comprehensive understanding of visual content beyond objects and aims to capture the various interactions between objects in images. However, detecting visual relat...

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The sensonic control solution is a breakthrough in the freedom of layout design in space, building control, and audio technology. It is not a traditional building automation and audio system, as is any direct switch or button-based one. The system can be controlled by voice, touch or even movement-based gestures, just like a phone. The system is modular in features, and can range from an audio system to a full-fledged building automation, all hidden to the eye behind custom wall designs. It can ...

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In a world of information overload, it becomes increasingly important to present complex data in a comprehensive way. The key is to translate complex data into meaningful visuals, followed by creating suitable interfaces to allow users to interact with the visuals in order to efficiently handle, navigate, and manipulate data. Developed by our company, our software framework enables easily visualise information in an intuitive, interactive, and engaging manner. The information is presented virtu...

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