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Every company has to deal with communication with its customers, which is very time consuming and expensive. Since the beginning of the internet and especially social media, the amount of communication with customers has been escalating rapidly. A substantial portion of the communication can be automatized using chatbots and artificial intelligence. Application of chatbots has the potential of significantly increasing the customer satisfaction and reducing expenditure on customer support at the ...

Booth S05 - Smart PlastIQs s.r.o.

A completely in-house chatbot technology that can synthesize its own answers and handle Malay, English and Manglish. It is also able to handle incomplete sentences as well as providing solutions within the context of the conversation (i.e. making sense of the overall flow change from one question to another). This chatbot technology is based on our proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine. It incorporates a one-step-cycle learning functionality that allows new knowledge to be integra...


Autonomous vehicle technology is aiming to increase road safety, increase transportation efficiency, relieve travelers from driving chores, and enhance mobility of all-age people and the disabled. As one of the essential modules, self-localization technology enables the autonomous vehicle to know its position along the journey and decide the movements for the next moments.  For self-localization, the commonly used methods are based on the expensive GPS system or 3D LiDAR. However GPS system wil...

Booth C24 - Panasonic R&D Center Singapore

There are existing transcribing/translation software programs that have limitations such as the type of platform they can run on, costly licence, inability to interpret Singlish and dialects, as well as inaccuracy in transcribing long speeches. To address the above limitations, we have built a low-cost multilingual speech-to-text (S2T) transcription and translation software that runs on common mobile devices, such as smart phones, tablets and laptop computers. The S2T transcriber/translator is ...

Booth B39 - Republic Polytechnic

The system relates to a device used for visually impaired people having a severely reduced sense of vision and thus burdened a lot to carry out safe navigation. The evasion system consists of arm, knee, and wrist wearable devices which allow the user to detect and evade obstacles. The device comprises microcontroller-based embedded design. It is capable of measuring the distance to nearby objects, through the use of ultrasonic sensors/transducers, which work by generating high frequency sound wa...


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