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PROBLEM GENERAL CHALLENGES ● Data noise : useless and distracting information ● Data dispersion : users lose control of their data to internet companies, e.g. Google, Facebook ● Privacy and security threats : identity theft, fraud ● Lack of personalisation and relevance : inappropriate push ads leading to increase use of ad-blockers HEALTHCARE CHALLENGES ● Rising levels of lifestyle-related conditions : obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, mental health ● Increasing costs : rising h...

Exhibitor : Department for International Trade (British High Commission)

Our system can recommend the appropriate mobile applications for the user’s situation recognized using the sensors in the mobile device. It enables an application to be automatically executed in a situation where and when it is essential without user’s manual invocation. Our system identifies the user’s behavioural patterns using a sequential pattern-mining algorithm and can predict the user’s next behaviour by learning these patterns. For this, we have defined the hierar...

Exhibitor : DeltaTech-Korea Ltd

Mobile crowdsourcing continues to suffer from problems such as unpredictable and unfair task completion rates and worker churn. We believe that such deficiencies can only be rectified via a centrally-coordinated crowdsourcing approach, where tasks are recommended (pushed) to people based on their predicted movement trajectories. Moreover, our crowdsourcing technologies allow tasks to be aggregated into bundles (which amortize the travel overhead across multiple tasks) and support several effecti...

Exhibitor : Singapore Management University - Living Analytics Research Centre

An Internet of Things real-time system that monitors the water consumption of toilet facilities in a facility to supplement its Building Management Systems (BMS). At the core of this system are water sensors that can unobtrusively keep track of water-flow volume and temperature. As connected devices, these sensors are integrated to an IoT Smart gateway to enable both local and remote monitoring and analytics capabilities. The IoT Hub Solution for Water-Flow Monitoring, as an integrated system e...

Exhibitor : Institute of Technical Education (ITE), Singapore

Capacitive sensing solutions are based on interference of objects or people with the electromagnetic field. Most commercial capacitive sensors have high sensitivity with limited range (<5cm) for material detection, water level, counting in production line etc.; such sensors are not suitable for seat occupancy detection. Current seat occupancy detection solutions use pressure sensor mounted on a chair, which provides information on whether someone is seated on the chair, but not about whether ...

Exhibitor : Singapore Management University - LiveLabs

Wearable devices with online detection functions that can identify various activities of daily living (ADLs) and fall occurrence of the user, and provide real-time fall protection before fall impact when a fall occurs.The detection functions can be set with individualized parameters to provide precise real-time ADL and fall detections to prevent fall injuries.

Exhibitor : Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

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