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Our 7 years of R&D led to the creation of a decentralized platform that runs on a custom built blockchain: a powerful shared global infrastructure that can move digital assets around the network without intermediaries or counterparty risk. We use a blockchain database to store information collected along supply chains and enables traceability of products, quality control and data security. This eliminates any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference. We have proven...

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The Problem – Legacy infrastructure, an ever-increasing demand The current eco-system is based on single unsecured files stored in one location, without recovery protocols and limited security. Customers do not know where their files are stored, including which country their data could potentially be stored in. Large vendors are building their own data centres, which are expensive, prone to being hacked, and, ultimately, insecure. The Solution – Distributed cloud storage Distributed cloud st...

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Our technology is a network and middleware which integrates existing electronic healthcare record (EHR) technology with other healthcare databases. Our nodes sit alongside healthcare systems and health technology vendors using patient consent to drive data exchange, while creating inter-organisational audit trails.  Globally, healthcare systems suffer from a lack of interoperability. Patient care is diminished and professional workload is increased. New innovations usch as artificial intelligen...

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We take quality blockchain and cybersecurity research from the National University of Singapore to develop solutions to critical business problems. We spun out our public blockchain protocol, which implements sharding and its own programming language, to achieve high throughput and more secure smart contracts. We also used Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) to reduce the attack surface of applications, and have created a full crypto-custody solution. We also have a private blockchain solution...

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