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The Industrial Internet of Things system is a disruptive end-to-end technology built to provide deep data with ultra-lightweight infrastructure. “Fitbit-for-machines” - Cost-effective universal IoT system can be quickly deployed in minutes onto a diverse range of industrial machines to stream vital machine statistics to the secured cloud platform in real-time. “Lean-ops-in-a-box” - Data gets processed and transformed synchronously using advanced algorithms and state-of-the-art analytics tools ...

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Our platform is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, it is a proven processing method, integrating the complex analytics or machine learning models over the data created by your application in real time. It acts as a single point of truth for your data, any modules in your application can write, read and perform streaming analytics on it. All applications built, directly or indirectly rely on real-time data to personalize experiences, detect fraudulent behavior or build a dynamic dashboard...

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Every company has to deal with communication with its customers, which is very time consuming and expensive. Since the beginning of the internet and especially social media, the amount of communication with customers has been escalating rapidly. A substantial portion of the communication can be automatized using chatbots and artificial intelligence. Application of chatbots has the potential of significantly increasing the customer satisfaction and reducing expenditure on customer support at the ...

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A completely in-house chatbot technology that can synthesize its own answers and handle Malay, English and Manglish. It is also able to handle incomplete sentences as well as providing solutions within the context of the conversation (i.e. making sense of the overall flow change from one question to another). This chatbot technology is based on our proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine. It incorporates a one-step-cycle learning functionality that allows new knowledge to be integra...


Businesses should seize the current opportunity of tapping into the potential of Southeast Asia, the world's fastest growing digital economy with 480 million Internet users by 2020 and a digital economy worth US$197 billion by 2025. However, language and cultural differences are the potential barriers to doing business in Southeast Asia. 75% of people prefer to buy products in their native language, and 52.4% only bought products in their native language. With localisation technology, e-commer...

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Restaurant or retail owners want to know their customers. They want to know their likes, age groups and interest groups. How can merchants track such data easily and effectively? How can they reward returning customers? Old school practices such as satisfaction survey paper forms, clicking on the email link or reading from facial or verbal cues are neither quantifiable nor effective. In addition, data collected are mostly irrelevant, resulting in a garbage-in-garbage-out outcome.  Existing solu...

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