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Beamify is a mobile application for peer-to-peer offline communication.  It solves several pain points of users such as slow and expensive data transfer between two nearby parties through cellular services (3G/4G/5G), unavailability of network services (e.g., disasters or overseas), and the need for secured near-field communication.  The users of this technology include regular mobile phone users who wish to transfer files rapidly to a nearby peer, overseas travelers, business owner, and emergen...


This Conference App enables attendees at conferences and events to experience the effectiveness of multiple context-based real-time interventions and features during the event. Various features such as forums, chat, comments on events, live polling, surveys etc. makes the conference/event much more engaging as well as provides everyone with a platform to interact with other attendees without necessarily needing to disclose your personal details such as email address or phone number. A backend co...

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Haulio has developed an online platform to improve the container haulage process, which is the movement of containers inland from the port. With a tagline “Together we cargo faster”, Haulio has set up a community portal, to optimise resources within the haulage sector through industry-wide collaboration. Haulio’s platform works by intelligently matching customers’ hauling requirements with resources available from haulage companies (“hauliers”) and their prime movers. By using advanced algorith...

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By effectively utilizing smartphones to reach out and engage a large population of mobile users, mobile crowdsourcing can become a game-changer for many urban operations, such as last-mile logistics and municipal monitoring. To overcome the uncertainties and risks associated with an opportunistic model of traditional crowdsourcing, we developed a centrally-coordinated task assignment/recommendation technology that matches workers to tasks that lie along their predicted movement paths. Our techno...

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