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Boiling heat transfer is used in a variety of industrial processes and applications, such as refrigeration, power generation, heat exchangers, cooling of high-power electronics components and cooling of nuclear reactors. Enhancements in boiling heat transfer processes are vital and could make these typical industrial applications more energy efficient. There is a universal demand for producing more effective heat removal systems involving boiling heat transfer. The current problem is that the he...


The up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) and up-flow fixed film (UFF) in a single bioreactor is used as an integrated bioreactor in the form of UASB-FF bioreactor to produce biohydrogen from palm oil mill effluent (POME). The lab scale UASB-FF bioreactor (total volume 3.5 L, working volume 2.55 L, and liquid height 80 cm) with an external settling tank was successfully designed, fabricated and operated for liquid height 80 cm) with an external settling tank was successfully designed, fabricat...


Black Périgord Truffle's Mating & Fruiting matrix are notoriously elusive to replicate in the lab. There has been no successful alternative truffle cultivation method other than the current tedious and resource consuming commercial farms, plant saplings are inoculated with truffle meiospores and planted over hectares of land. This take at least 7 years and the final result is not guaranteed. The company has pioneered a revolutionary indoor Truffle Vertical Farm (TVF) process that cultivates Tru...

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The company represents engineering and biological innovative technologies which allow efficiently growing agricultural plants by organic methods, recover soil fertility, sustain biodiversity and still achieve high yields enough to feed growing population. The company collaborates with farmers, seeds and food manufacturers, providing seeds preparing and crop processing technology along with proprietary treatment of seeds and fields. Together we are producing high quality food for people and anima...

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We consume around 185 million metric tonnes of plant, or vegetable, oil each year. There are practically unlimited market opportunities with this feedstock already used widely in human food and animal feed, industrial oleochemicals (plastics, lubricants etc), and biofuels. Future growth is primarily limited by production constraints such as land use and water and cost of goods: we need a highly productive, cheap source of plant oil that can readily expand. The technology provider utilises its p...

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This technology platform is a horticultural LED light based-ecosystem for smarter plant production including food crops. As urban farming becomes nowadays more and more present in modern cities, the platform can play facilitator role to manage city productions in efficient manner. Indeed, it is designed to be easily integrated in all indoor and greenhouse producer’s systems setup (compatible with industrial protocols manly used in greenhouses). This technology platform is automatizing tool for...

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The technology is based on the use of a proprietary process that cultivates and processes strains of a fast-growing marine microalga, Nannochloropsis salina, at industrial scale to produce live algae, dried algal biomass, functional lipids (omega-3 and omega-7 fatty acids), and high protein ingredients, can be used in varies areas.The company focuses on the sustainable development, production, and commercialization of specialty ingredients derived from natural micro-algae. The company has develo...

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Molecular biology technique, especially PCR or molecular photocopying can be used in a wide variety of research purposes. For example DNA cloning for sequencing, DNA-based phylogeny, or functional analysis of genes; the diagnosis of hereditary diseases; the identification of genetic fingerprints; and the detection and diagnosis of infectious diseases. However, in some countries, PCR is still not developed as its expectation because of high cost in both chemicals or reagents and equipment. To all...

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