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Over the years, Singapore has moved up the manufacturing value chain to undertake more complex, higher value-added manufacturing activities and advanced high-mix low volume production. Additive manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing (3DP) is an advanced manufacturing technology which offers a range of unique benefits to the industry. The introduction of 3D additive manufacturing (AM) technology uses layer building approach. It is an idea of producing components directly from computer-aided design fil...

Exhibitor : Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)

The technology offers a Pilot-Line, automated digital manufacturing platform with integrated safety systems. The Pilot-Line is CE marked, safety certified system, capable of testing and validatingdigital manufacturing systems within pre-existing production lines. The Pilot-Line is also capable of deliveringsmall quantity production and pre & post-production manufacturing. The system uses a patented print-head technology that allows digital deposition of functional fluids and high-viscosity ...

Exhibitor : Department for International Trade (British High Commission)

Method for producing conductive ink suitable for ink-jet printers using copper complex (solution without any particles). The total market for printed, flexible and organic electronics is projected to grow to $76.79 billion in 2023. The Majority of that is conductive ink used for a wide range of applications such as RFID antennas and OLED devices. Since the prices of currently used Aluminum and silver are high, the market is eager going towards the low-cost copper. The copper ink developed presen...

Exhibitor : Singapore-HUJ Alliance for Research and Enterprise

A unique nanofiber form of pure aluminium oxide (alumina) was discovered and further developed as an industrial scale technology. Nano-alumina features high strength, high aspect ratio, large surface area and a faceted surface, which all together allow the nanofiber to increase the mechanical properties of polymer (e.g. epoxy) based systems. The increased performance will have great benefits for advanced material manufacturers and the end-users of those materials (i.e. composites, adhesives, sea...

Exhibitor : ANF Development OU

Glycemic Index Lowering Composition (GLC), is an advanced food additive technology, customized to product needs. Available asrice-grain shapes and food powder, it can be added easily to refined foods to lower their glycemic index without changing the taste, appearance, texture and smell of the product. The glycemic reduction is dosage dependent. For instance, just a 9% replacement of rice with GLCricegrains reduces the glycemic index (GI) of Jasmine Rice from 109 (high GI) to 68 (medium GI). The...

Exhibitor : Alchemy Foodtech Pte Ltd

The innovative metal bone implants presented here are manufactured using just-in-time 3D printing and customised to fit exactly into the gap left after bone removal. They also have an optimised lattice structure that matches the mechanical properties of the bone it replaces avoiding the deteriorating of adjacent bones.

Exhibitor : RMIT University

Patient-specific implants (PSIs) which are made using 3D printing technologies are premium quality medical devices for replacement of joints, spine discs and bony voids. The main advantage of PSIs compared to standard ones is custom-made design to match the implant to the bone and not vice-versa to ensure complete biomechanical harmonization. The use of PSIs in surgical treatment ensures lower invasiveness and faster healing, decreases the risk of infection and dislocation. PSIs give added value...

Exhibitor : UAB Baltic Orthoservice

In ASEAN, it is estimated that 35% of the harvested fruits are lost annually due to inadequate storage conditions and natural degradation. Such losses result in wastages both in terms of the fruit itself and the resources used to cultivate and harvest the fruits.The technology offers a solution to reduce losses of fruits and vegetables during transportation by using a specially treated packaging made of paper pulp. The pulp is treated to obtain specific properties such as ethylene absorption, an...

Exhibitor : Chiang Mai University

A 3D Printer focus on providing pleasant user experience through its design and operations.Smart and advance built-in features: self-diagnostic, automatic leveling, and remote control allow simple operations handling and predictive maintenance alert for a pleasant 3D printing experience.The elegant designoutlook and simplistic in operations makes it an attractive piece to be owned by every household, offices and learning spaces. The current 3D printers in the market require a certain level of t...

Exhibitor : Temasek Polytechnic

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