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Our Location Tracking solution enables companies in manufacturing, logistics and healthcare to streamline their operations and increase their product quality through Reduce searching and assembly time by locating tools with 30cm accuracy Improved visibility on work order status and location to identify bottlenecks in real-time and avoid delays Streamline intralogistics flow by optimising material handling equipment's motion and increasing their utilization rates. For example, we help hosp...

Booth 5ZC14 - UBUDU Asia (by Hiploca Limited)

During normal operation of electric vehicles and energy storage systems, batteries tend to overheat which would result in a decrease in performance and lifetime or lead to safety issues. The technology described herein is related to a proprietary heat management system which consists of a material that can be poured into any battery pack and conduct heat 7X faster than the existing solution. This will improve the battery performance and eventually ensure better battery life in the long run.

Booth 5ZD2 - Rovilus, Inc.

Physical inventory is a process where a business physically counts its entire inventory. This involves identifying and counting every item, and verifying their quantities. A physical inventory is a common requirement of a periodic inventory system, and may also be required as part of a company's annual audit. This tedious and manpower intensive job which must be performed annually, but manual job can be replaced by an Autonomous Drone. It can do the counting remotely with an on-board camera. Th...

Booth 5M12 - Institute of Technical Education

A German start-up has developed a technology that enables everyone to program and run an industrial robot using wearables and smart teaching devices. Robotics will become faster to start with, more flexible to operate while being much more cost-efficient. The technology is independent of the robot manufacturer and can be applied to almost all applications in all industries. Additionally, a taught task can be transferred to any robot worldwide, who is physically able to do the task. A customer's...

Booth 5ZC12 - Wandelbots GmbH

Future autonomous vehicles will require advanced sensing capabilities. Laser ranging (LIDAR) is an attractive technique being deployed on development systems by Waymo, Cruze, Audi and others.  We have developed a LIDAR platform that will enable autonomous preception by incorporating velocity detection, solid-state-scanning and digitally encoding technologies that we have developed.

Booth 5D05 - CSIRO

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