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Optical biosensors, by using metallic nano structures, is one of the common type of biosensor. The optical biosensors, which are Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance (LSPR), allow the sensitive and selective detection of wide range of analyses including viruses, toxins, drugs, antibodies, tumour biomarkers and tumour cells. One important parts of optical biosensor is the miniature elements made of novel materials, such as Gold (Au) and SIlver (Ag). Conventional methods, such as Photolithography, ...

Booth D05 - University of Phayao Science Park

Economic storage of energy is now the largest issue facing the renewable energy industry. Batteries are excellent for minute to hour level storage, but lack the capacity for base load power. MGA Thermal offers a novel thermal storage material with previously un-achieved energy density and thermal conductivity, for a fraction the cost of batteries. This can be applied at scales large enough to provide base load power aro...

Booth B37 - CSIRO

The invention provides a cost effective injection mouldable plastic heat sink that displays excellent thermal conductivity, mechanical strength and electrical resistance in order for it to be applicable for a wide range of uses particularly as a heat sink in the growing electronic and other manufacturing industries. The heat sink is made of a common cheap polymer which is used in manufacturing industries for a variety of products and hence there is no particular requirement for new equipment or ...

Booth B39 - Republic Polytechnic

This technology consists of the formulation of powder gel coat with electrical conductivity properties. With this coating, a surface resistance of 104-105 Ω∙cm is achieved. The powder gel coating formulation can be adapted to different process parameters and the characterization of coated pieces will be conducted through different tests to ensure the final quality.


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