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A German start-up has developed a technology that enables everyone to program and run an industrial robot using wearables and smart teaching devices. Robotics will become faster to start with, more flexible to operate while being much more cost-efficient. The technology is independent of the robot manufacturer and can be applied to almost all applications in all industries. Additionally, a taught task can be transferred to any robot worldwide, who is physically able to do the task. A customer's...

Booth 5ZC12 - Wandelbots GmbH

We designed a new generation of high strength and lightweight bamboo-based materials for construction. Its low cost and fast forming manufacturing process was also developed. By applying eco-friendly chemical treatments and special mechanical processing onto bamboo, we will deliver a 'super bamboo' rivaling the strength and stiffness of metals/alloys at a lower cost. The product is completely made from bamboo and has good fireproof and waterproof properties. With its remarkable mechanical and s...

Booth 5K04 - City University of Hong Kong

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