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Copper based inks have been gaining interest as a potentially cheaper alternative for the conventional, market ready conductive silver inks. However, most of the current copper inks in the market have the tendency to oxidize under room conditions, leading to performance issues and thereby limiting their adoption. This technology presents a range of conductive materials, specifically copper inks, targeted at the flexible printed hybrid electronics sector. These functional materials are specifica...

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Ultrasonic synthetic method is used to prepare various nano-porous (nanofoam) metal current collectors, including, but not limited to, copper metal for anode and aluminum/nickel metal for cathode. The innovative nanofoam metal current collectors are used to prepare high performance lithium ion (Li-ion) battery, which shows good capacity retention and cycling stability even under fast charge/discharge rates. It is easy to be industrialized and can improve rapid charge/discharge rates and electroc...

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