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The technology enables rapid and accurate detection of lifestyle biomarkers while being user friendly, non-invasive (test based on saliva or urine sample - no blood required), and low cost. The platform technology enables detection and quantification of lifestyle-related biomarkers (including stress, active lifestyle impact, sleep effectiveness, and training). Based on this data, personalised recommendations can be made for interventions, nutrition, training, lifestyle interventions or others. ...

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Transdermal delivery of therapeutic and cosmetic agents offers many advantages over oral and injection routes: (i) bypass of first-pass metabolism and gastrointestinal reaction, (ii) non-invasiveness and (iii) self-administration. The transdermal route is therefore suitable for biological active compounds including peptides, proteins, vaccine, insulin, etc. which are often subject to degradation and deactivation when taken orally. However, the transdermal route is limited by the skin barrier, ma...

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