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A Hungarian company has developed and launched a technology for treating municipal sewage sludge that is economical in case of small scale production too. This technology is a self-supporting technology for drying and pelleting sewage sludge without the external need for fossil fuel or any other additional material. Consequently, the most reasonable utilization is to meet the heating and hot water needs of properties owned or operated by municipalities that operate wastewater treatment plants. ...

Exhibitor : LC Innoconsult International

Incineration bottom ash (IBA) is a major by-product from incineration plants but has limited recycling methods due to its complex and harmful compositions. The proposed technology provides a new option for upcycling the IBA into silica aerogel, a novel material with excellent characteristics such as low thermal conductivity, low density, hydrophobicity and high porosity making it heatproof, waterproof, incombustible and highly absorbent. It involves removal of heavy metals from IBA with mild ac...

Exhibitor : Singapore Polytechnic
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