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Controlled Release Technology is a technique for encapsulating active ingredients and, upon meeting certain environmental stimuli, releasing them into the environment. Additionally, this is done at pre-designed intervals and time periods and without the use of machinery or equipment. The entire process relies entirely on principles of materials science. While this technology is widespread in the pharmaceutical arena, Hydroemission has adapted it to meet unique requirements in the environmental ...

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The technology provider is a renewable energy company with a patented technology, providing an alternative solution for turning urban wastewater sludge into pellet as a solid recovered fuel (SRF) with an immediate and significant costs advantage. The company is looking for potential licensing and professional partners in the field of wastewater plant construction and operation.

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Economic storage of energy is now the largest issue facing the renewable energy industry. Batteries are excellent for minute to hour level storage, but lack the capacity for base load power. MGA Thermal offers a novel thermal storage material with previously un-achieved energy density and thermal conductivity, for a fraction the cost of batteries. This can be applied at scales large enough to provide base load power aro...

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In order to control the air pollution derived from landfill gas emission and produce renewable energy by recovering the waste gas, a series of systematic technologies as well as equipment have been developed. These technologies and equipment are suitable for use in landfills either during operation or after closing. The developed technologies have been successfully applied in hundreds of landfill sites in China, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries.

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