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A Korean company specializing in the development of eco-friendly materials and devices is offering an energy-saving, easy to operate high recovery process water purification technology which removes ions from the water by electricity. The company is looking for a partner to explore the domestic applications such as washing machines, purifiers and softeners.

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The world environment is being destroyed by indiscriminate waste disposal. Many enterprises have developed innovative waste treatment technologies. A South Korean-based company has developed the Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) chemical recycling technology. PET waste is usually originated from beverage bottles, plastic film and fibers. In general there are two methods of recycling PET waste: direct materials recycling and chemical recycling. Unlike direct material recycle method that converts...

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Conventional thermal solar multi effect distillation (MED) utilizes solar thermal concentrators and heat exchanger which are often inefficient. Moreover, it requires high initial capital investment and maintenance cost and is unsuitable for rural island communities with inconsistent energy supply. This technology relates to a desalination system which utilizes solar energy and various waste heat sources to purify seawater. Multiple reflectors were being utilized in the system to increase the amo...

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