About TechInnovation

TECHINNOVATION is a premier technology-to-industry matching event presented by IPI.

It brings together international technology providers and enterprises to accelerate the commercialisation of emerging technologies, seed licensing opportunities and foster open innovation collaborations.

The 10th edition of Techlnnovation will be a digital event running 24 hours from 28 – 30 September 2021. Exhibitors and attendees across all time zones will be able to participate and network with each other virtually.


Seek collaborations and discover technologies through an open innovation platform.


Exhibit and pitch technologies for commercialisation or co-development to technology seekers.

Best Practices

Learn from thought leaders and be inspired by successful enterprises in their innovation journeys.

1-to-1 Meetings

Connect with potential collaborators through chat and video meetings.

Our Theme: A Sustainable & Resilient Future

The world is facing new and emerging challenges. Climate change has created challenges on cities' infrastructure, carbon footprints, food production and health. It is thus crucial to harnessing sustainable technology to overcome the impact of climate change for future generations. Transformational changes are needed to make cities sustainable and resilient in the face of these challenges. TechInnovation will focus on showcasing innovative technologies to achieve sustainable usage of earth’s resources, food production and securing citizen’s health.

Green & Sustainable Future
Sustainable Food & Nutrition
Health & Wellness


Day 1

(28 September 2021)

Green & Sustainable Future

Keynote Session I
Powering a Green and Sustainable Future

Keynote Session II
Designing a Sustainable Future for Our Planet

Thematic Session I
Crowdsourcing – Open Innovation Challenge

Thematic Session II
Smart and Sustainable Built Environment

Thematic Session III
Sustainable Solutions in Recycling and Waste-To-Worth

Day 2

(29 September 2021)

Sustainable Food & Nutrition

Keynote Session I
What will be the Future of Food

Keynote Session II
Digging Deep to Meet Our Future Food Needs

Thematic Session I
Design Think Tank

Thematic Session II
IPHatch 2021

Thematic Session III
Trash to Treasure – Upcycling Food Side Streams

Thematic Session IV
Innovations in Sustainable and Intensive Urban Farming

Day 3

(30 September 2021)

Health & Wellness

Keynote Session I
Healthtech that will Transform Health and Wellness

Keynote Session II
Reimagining Health & Wellness Solutions Post-Pandemic

Thematic Session I
Non-invasive Diagnostics in Healthcare

Thematic Session II
Evidence-based Traditional Herbal Medicine

Technology Showcase By Key Partners


Tech Experts

In enterprises’ innovation journeys, having the right technical expertise to bring your ideas to the market quickly is instrumental for a successful product launch. Engage our Tech Experts to help you overcome technical challenges faced in your innovation journey

Innovation Advisors

For enterprises seeking to quicken their learning curve in leveraging technology and innovation to develop differentiated competencies, products, processes or business models, our experienced Innovation Advisors can provide mission-critical insights and coach companies to achieve accelerated growth. Speak to them now on how to transform your business.


Basic Package

Up to 2

Tech Offers

Suitable for SMEs, Startups,
Researchers and Inventors

Standard Package

Up to 12

Tech Offers

Suitable for University Tech Transfer Offices, Research Institutes, Centres of Innovation, Incubators/Accelerators, Corporate Venture Builders, Technology Intermediaries, Innovation Agencies and Enterprises with more Tech Offers

Deadline to register as Exhibitor is 6 Aug 2021

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