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Environmental Monitoring and Management Systems (Hardware and Software)

Technology Overview

This technology offer is an environmental monitoring hardware that measures 13 parameters in one device plus a virus index and connects to the network via WiFi or NB-IoT. The monitor is connected to the cloud system where data is being processed for display on a dashboard. The dashboard provides data analysis and data visualization for building managers to manage and automate their buildings.

The patented virus index provides a real time risk assessment of the coronavirus surviving and becoming more transmissible in the air. By managing the indoor environment using precise data, the risk of coronavirus transmission can be lowered and health and safety of occupants increased.

The technology owner is looking for building management companies that would like to license or utilize the solution and integrate it with their systems to develop more robust analysis of their buildings and management of coronavirus risk.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

This technology offer is one of the most comprehensive environmental monitoring system in the market that monitors at least 13 parameters (expandable up to 15) plus a virus index. It is designed with modules (patented) so that there is zero downtime when sensors need to be calibrated. The modules can just be replaced with new sensors by pulling it out and plugging in a new module just like inserting a battery into the device.

It has multiple connectivity options making it easy to be deployed in any building. The majority of buildings and corporations do not want devices to connect to their network so the connectivity options allow them to go around that and deploy the solution independent of their network.

Potential Applications

Any type of indoor space that would like to create a healthier and safer environment for its occupants. The most common deployment areas would be offices, building lobbies and corridors, schools, hotels, hospitals, warehouses and industrial spaces.

Various products can be developed by utilizing and analysing the data that is collected.

The market size of this technology is $300 billion in the USA alone.

Customer Benefit

This technology offer has various benefits for customers when implemented, including the following :

  • Health and productivity of building occupants
  • Sustainability certifications
  • New revenue stream
  • Energy savings and building maintenance
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Ease of use for building managers
  • No downtime during maintenance and replacement
Contact Person

Dustin Jefferson Onghanseng



Technology Category

  • Environment, Clean Air/Water
  • Automation, Control, Communication, Monitoring System & Sensor
  • Infocomm
  • Green Building
  • Building Automation / Management, IAQ Monitoring & Control

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iaq, uHoo, uHoo aura, air quality, indoor air quality