Ledger Leopard

Ledger Leopard is an international company that provides blockchain solutions for developers and businesses in various industries. Our goal is to reduce unnecessary paperwork that causes delays and affects your productivity, and eliminate misunderstandings about errors and conflicting data. In addition, build trust and security by ensuring that all parties involved have access to the same up-to-date data in an information chain. We have an international team of 100 dedicated developers specializing in blockchain technology and other innovative technologies.

Our Technology Offers

GDPR Proof and Fraud Resistant Access Control

We have developed a standard blockchain-based identity and access solution. The solution gives issuers and verifiers a clear overview of verifiable credentials (e.g. diplomas, certificates, proof of course attendance etc). These verifiable credentials are stored and will never leave the wallet of the holder. Instead of using physical papers and manually checking whether employees possess the proper credentials, we use cryptographically signed certificates by trusted institutions. This makes the solution GDPR compliant and reduces fraud and paperwork, which will lead to an efficient method of verifiable access.

  • Certificates
  • Diplomas
  • Passports or other identification properties, and more

With verifiable credentials, access control will be a lot faster and more secure. Holders get a digital wallet on their (work) phone in the form of an app. All the physical documents have now become digital verifiable credentials. Moreover, the credentials and content are now cryptographically signed by the institution that issued the certificate and addressed it the holder, whom can share and prove their credentials at any moment.

The transactions on the blockchain provide an activity log where, for example, the authenticity of a passport or a user can be verified.

Credentials can be verified with a scan of a QR-code from the holders’ app and instantly verify whether the holder has the proper credentials. Furthermore, the data of the holder will never leave their device. This makes this solution 100% GDPR proof and will reduce the chance of hacks significantly.