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Extract Skill Mentions from Job Advertisements with AI

Technology Overview

skillER is a Skill Entity Recognition API service which extracts mentions about skills from any given Job Advertisement. It is developed using state of the art Deep Learning based Natural Language Techniques to detect and extract mentions related to skills at good accuracy. As it relies on understanding the sentence structure, skillER can also pickup mentions of skills which are emerging. This API service can be easily integrated to any of your existing web/mobile systems or codebases.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The proposed technology is an API service with the following advantages :

  • Extract skill mentions from any job advertisement irrespective of the job industry.
  • A confidence score is provided along with every extract skill mention.
  • Easy to integrate with existing codebase by simple API call

Potential Applications

The proposed technology is applicable to the following industrial scenarios:

Human Resources, Education and Skill Development

Automated skill mention extraction empowers

  • Job Advertising / Recruitment companies to offer better services to their customers by knowing the skill mentions extracted for different jobs.
  • Educational institutions & Skill Training centers to understand the current skill trends of the market for different job roles and tailor their courses accordingly.
  • HR Professionals to search potential candidates effectively by understanding the skill requirements for a job across different companies in the given market.

Customer Benefit

  • Easy to use Web API
  • Works on English job advertisements across the web
Contact Person

Francis Lim


Singapore Management University - School of Computing and Information Systems

Technology Category

  • Infocomm
  • Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing & Semantic Technology

Technology Readiness Level


HR Tech, Skill, Named Enitity Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning