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Non-Wheat Spaghetti with Tempeh Flour Fortification

Technology Overview

Gluten-free products are needed by people with gluten allergy such as celiac disease, autism and other metabolic syndromes. The consumption of gluten-free products rises annually and, therefore, there is potential in the development of gluten-free products likes non-wheat spaghetti. Non-wheat spaghetti is prepared from non-wheat ingredients and fortified with tempeh flour which rich in highly absorbed vegetable protein and antioxidant.

The technology provider is looking for investors to license the technology for big scale production for global market.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Non-Wheat Spaghetti is an alternative staple food based on Indonesian local farming. Pasta products made from wheat flour have springy and elastic textures which are due to the role of gluten. Therefore, the major challenges of the development of non-gluten pasta product (NGP) are ingredient formulation and processing technique such that the obtained pasta product will have a texture similar to gluten pasta product.

This formula is processed with extrusion technology produced non-wheat spaghetti with characteristic comparable to wheat made spaghetti.

Likewise, the process conditions must be precise and appropriate, such as:

Advantages of this Non-wheat spaghetti product : healthy food with rich of dietary fiber, contains beta-carotene , gluten free, preservatives free, artificial color free, local commodity usage, chewy texture and not easily broken, long shelf life and ready to cook.

Potential Application

Market of non-wheat spaghetti product:

  • Regular consumer
  • Niche markets (healthy food segment)
  • Gluten intolerant people

Customer Benefits

  • Financial benefits from product sales
  • Excellent local product
  • Empowering local workers
  • Contribute to provide healthy food for society
Contact Person

Pradhini Digdoyo


BRIN (Sustainable Food and Nutrition)

Technology Category

  • Foods
  • Ingredients, Processes

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