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Sorghum and Legumes based Instant Baby Porridge

Technology Overview

A gluten-free porridge especially formulated for babies. This product is made from sorghum, red bean or mungbean, skim milk, and sucrose.

Its high nutrition content makes it suitable for meals or snacks. The process technology for making this instant baby porridge is mixing all the ingredients, heating it until it thickens, then drying and grinding it into powder. The challenge remains at increasing the production scale from laboratory to pilot plant or industrial scale.

The desired partners are industries engaged in baby food products, instant food, and agriculture-based food products industry.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Comparing to similar products, the innovation and novelty of developing this product is that cereal raw materials are used. Red and White Sorghum, enriched with legumes such as mungbean and red bean are used in this formulation and know-how.

These main ingredients have essential nutritional values needed for babies' growth aged 6-24 months. Standardization in the manufacture of this product is essential for both standardizations of raw materials, processes, and equipment used. For example, the equipment used must use tools made of stainless steel equipped with digital and precise process parameters such as temperature control, time control.

Likewise, the process conditions must be precise and appropriate, such as:

  • The cooking temperature ranging from 70-75oc
  • Drying temperature 45-55oc
  • Drying time of about 6-8 hours
  • The fineness of the instant slurry powder particles must be 100-120 mesh
  • Type of packaging used must be appropriate and following the characteristics of the product.

The process equipment used can use any dryer, which is vital to maintaining product quality according to predetermined standards.

Potential Application

This product can be applied in the food processing industry based on agricultural commodities—specific industries such as baby food, instant food, and other food processing industries.

The market aspect for gluten-free and instant convenience food can be wide since this formulation has nutritional value which benefits across age group. This formulation and know-how of gluten free instant meal can be adapted for:

  • Baby aged 6-24 months
  • Consumers with other range of age e.g. 1-3 years.
  • Developed and marketed with other segmentation, depending on the designed nutritional value.

Customer Benefits

The business opportunity that can be offered from this product is that the public or consumers can have the opportunity to choose and get the best food products with maximum benefits and at very competitive and relatively affordable prices, of course, by first making the feasibility study aspect of the business.

Besides consumers benefitting from this product, producers and farmers will have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of this product. Sorghum is a type of cereal that is still very rarely used as the primary raw material for processed food products; in addition to having a high nutritional content, sorghum is also very easy to cultivate with high yields, so that the availability of raw materials will be met with prices adjusted to suit the needs of the community with predetermined production costs. Value and profits can be obtained from upstream to downstream.

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Pradhini Digdoyo


BRIN (Sustainable Food and Nutrition)

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Baby food, porridge, legumes, mung bean