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Cost-effective manufacturing for Pharmaceutical Oral Tablets and Quality Control

Technology Overview

The manufacturing process of tablets offers the optimization of new formulations with new active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) or new excipients. This provides opportunities to formulation scientists for selecting better excipients for an API to be delivered at the correct amount, appropriate rates, and time in desired locations.

The technology is a pipeline of research, development, and manufacturing of pharmaceutical tablets. The technology owner specializes in tablet manufacturing, looking into every complex aspect ranging from unit process, quality control to bioavailability of API. Their aim is to help industrial partners produce cost-effective pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and dietary supplement tablets. The key objective of the technology is to allow process efficiency and cost reduction when identifying suitability between API and excipients, as well as optimizing new tablet formulations at small scale.

The technology provider is seeking collaborations with both industry partners and academic collaborators for developing new tablet formulations, novel ways of manufacturing tablets and quality control of tablets.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Tablets are more economical pharmaceutical dosage forms as compared to other dosage forms. The technology comprises a pipeline of research, development, and manufacturing activities to improve on tablet manufacturing to provide process efficiency and bring about cost reduction benefits. These activities include research and optimization on excipients from natural sources as safer and inexpensive alternatives to existing commercial excipients.

The technology provider’s tablet manufacturing process offers to formulate tablets that are

  • uniform in API content
  • bioavailable according to required medical use
  • physically and chemically stable for longer period
  • hard and strong to withstand mechanical shock during packaging, shipping, dispensing
  • safer and less expensive by using excipients from natural sources

Potential Applications

  • Formulation of new APIs into Tablets
  • Optimization of tablet manufacturing process with new excipients from natural sources
  • Manufacturing of dietary supplement tablets
  • Manufacturing of nutraceutical tablets

Customer Benefit

  • Cost-effective manufacturing process for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, dietary supplement tablets
  • Safer and cheaper natural excipient alternatives to existing commercial excipients
Contact Person

Mahasin Alam


Singapore Institute of Technology

Technology Category

  • Manufacturing

Technology Readiness Level


Process Optimization, Manufacturing of Tablets, Quality Control