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Dew-Point Cooler: A Sustainable Alternative to Air Conditioner

Technology Overview

We are a deep-tech spin-off company to commercialize our patented New Generation of Dew-Point Cooler. It can cool outdoor air to near dew-point temperature without adding moisture to the air. Under normal Singapore weather conditions, our dew-point cooler can filter and cool the outdoor air by 4 to 8 oC to comfortable air of about 25 to 27 oC. Unlike compressor-based air conditioners that re-circulate the bulk of the cooled air, our dew-point cooler supplies 100% fresh air to continually purge out any airborne bacteria or virus (including covid-19 virus) that may be brought in by occupants. Users can enjoy cool, clean, and 100% fresh air with up to 60% electricity savings.

Without using compressors and chemical refrigerants; and without expelling waste heat to the environment, our dew-point cooler has 60% less carbon footprint, and is a sustainable alternative to air conditioners in many commercial and industrial applications, such as dormitories, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, childcare centers, warehouses, outdoor dining areas, corridors, walkways, etc. It can also be used to supplement normal air conditioners by improving ventilation and purging out contaminated air-conditioned air. Besides, it can be used in households, where the users are concerned about the high electricity cost of operating air conditioner.

We are seeking investors, VCs as well as manufacturers and distributors to quickly bring our product to the market.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Competitive advantages over conventional air conditioners: Our dew-point cooler is based on the natural water cycle and can harvest free cooling energy from the air. It is more environmentally friendly with up to 60% less carbon footprint than the normal air conditioner. Our dew-point cooler does not require a compressor, does not use chemical refrigerants, and does not expel waste heat to the environment. Unlike conventional air conditioners, which re-circulated most of the indoor air, our dew-point cooler constantly supplies cool and 100% fresh air to purge all air-borne diseases out of the room/building.

Competitive advantages over evaporative coolers in the market: Firstly, our dew-point cooler is the most advanced dew-point cooler. It is based on our recently patented multi-stage cooling mechanism. Our cooler can achieve a lower cooling temperature. Secondly, evaporative coolers that are currently being sold in the stores are “Direct Evaporative Coolers”. They add moisture to the air, which increases latent heat, and thus net cooling is practically zero. Furthermore, bacteria and viruses thrive in the high humid air of “Direct Evaporative Coolers” and such air is unhealthy and may cause rheumatism 风湿 to the users. Whereas, our dew-point cooler is an “Indirect Evaporative Cooler” where the cooled air is not in contact with water and no moisture is added to the cooled air. Therefore, our cooler can provide healthier air with higher cooling capacity.

Unique Selling Propositions: The users can enjoy cool, clean and 100% fresh air with up to 60% electricity savings.

Potential Applications

The distinctive advantages of our dew-point cooler are shown in below table:

  Our dew-point cooler Normal air conditioner
Product air nature 100% fresh air Recirculated air
Product air temperature 25-27 oC 20-25 oC
Product air humidity ratio No change Reduced
Electricity consumption 60% less High
Components and maintenance requirements - Less components (no compressor, no chemical refrigerants)
- Simple maintenance
- More components
- Professional maintenance
Costs Lower capital, operation and maintenance costs High capital, operation and maintenance costs
Applications - Suitable for semi-enclosed or open space - Suitable for enclosed space
Users Suitable for users who like:
- Cool, not cold air
- Air that is not too dry
- More fresh air
- Low costs
Suitable for users who:
- like cold air
- like dry air
- Not concerned about recirculated air
- Can afford higher price

There are many market segments that conventional air conditioners cannot served effectively. Below are some market segments where our dew-point coolers can function effectively:

  1. Commercial, industrial and institutional uses, such as
    • Dormitories
    • Nursing homes, clinics, and hospitals
    • Schools and childcare centers
    • Warehouses, factories & workshops
    • Semi-enclosed restaurants, cafes, atriums, etc.
    • Outdoor dining areas, corridors, walkways, seating areas in public parks, etc.
  2. Supplement existing air conditioners by improving ventilation through infusion of 100% fresh and cool air to purge out airborne virus, bacteria and fungi that are trapped in the re-circulated air of air conditioners.
  3. Residential uses, where people do not want to incur high electricity costs of operating air conditioners and/or are environmentally conscious on air conditioners harmful contribution to global warming.

Customer Benefit

Cost saving benefits

The users can enjoy cool, clean and 100% fresh air with up to 58% operation cost savings.

  Our dew-point cooler
(18,000 BTU/h)
Commercial air-conditioner
(18,000 BTU/h)
3-Year Electricity Cost (S$0.25/kWh, operating 16 h/day, 365 day/year) S$3,285 S$8,212
3-Year Water Cost (S$1.2 per m3) S$252 0
Operating Cost Savings per Unit over 3 Years S$4,775 (=58%) -

Environmental and Social Benefits

The air conditioner is used in many applications. However, it is intensively damaging our environment. First, it consumes a lot of electricity, resulting in a high carbon footprint. Second, it uses refrigerants, causing ozone depletion and global warming. Third, it expels waste heat to the environment, causing the heat island effect. The hotter the planet becomes, the greater our demand for air conditioners, which results in more greenhouse gases emission, thus making our planet warmer.

With Covid-19, there are increasing concerns that current air-conditioning systems increase the transmission of airborne diseases by recycling indoor airflow. Building owners are recommended to open windows or take more fresh air to purge out the contaminated indoor air. However, this measure significantly increases the power consumption of existing air conditioning systems.

Our dew-point cooler is the solution for all the problems caused by the conventional air conditioning system.

Therefore, the potential of our technologies is huge. From these cooling technologies, a wide range of products for residential, industrial, and commercial users will be developed to replace conventional air conditioners.

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Daniel Tan


NUS Graduate Research Innovation Programme (NUS GRIP)

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