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Compact Lamp Post Mountable Sunlight Delivery System

Technology Overview

The technology offers a daylight harvesting device using an off-the-shelf acrylic ball and a single plastic optical fibre. The system is compact, lightweight and aesthetically designed to meet urban necessities.

The technology should appeal to building owners, architects, lighting designers and those who are concerned about energy conservation in view of the global climate changes.

A prototype is available for testing. We are looking for partners to commercialise this technology.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The technology offers a daylight harvesting system based on a static ball lens as solar collector and a single, movable optical fiber for light transmission. The moving part in the system is just the optical fiber and its mount, thereby saving electrical energy. The moving parts and the light sensors used for solar tracking, are well concealed and protected from environmental factors like dust, wind and moisture. This device currently requires an external power source but will be solar powered in the next phase of development. When illuminated with 100kLux of incident sunlight, the device can deliver light intensity of up to 220 lumens through a 20 metres optic fiber. This device is specifically designed for use in dense urban cities, where space is a major constraint to install voluminous daylight harvesting systems.

Potential Applications

It is compact enough to be mounted on standard lampposts at street level or on rooftops, so that during the day, the system channels sunlight underground and during night it can act as streetlamp for outdoor illumination. The system can assist car park lighting.

Customer Benefit

Electricity saving, low maintenance cost, contributing in the effort to saving the Earth, not wasting the plenty of sunlight that we have. Natural resources on Earth are depleting but sunlight is renewable.

Contact Person

Saiful Haji Said


LUX Photonics Consortium

Technology Category

  • Energy
  • Solar
  • Green Building
  • Lightings

Technology Readiness Level


Sunlight delivery